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    I was born and raised by Disneyland and I learned early on that life is often just like an E-ticket ride at an Amusement Park. There are ups and downs but most of journey is thrilling. After sixteen moves, twenty-nine jobs, and a myriad of relationships I’ve sought answers until my seeker is sore. I’ve lost and found my inner-child, discovered the power within me, dropped my Cinderella complex, loved too much, enabled, disabled, and self-helped until I'm smooth worn out! I've been reborn, remade, changed, and re-branded so often I'm the human equivalent of a box of Wheaties. I’ve miss-stepped, over-stepped, and twelve-stepped and sometimes just stepped in it. I’m certainly no one’s answer girl, just a chick with thighs a little bigger than I'd like, red stilettos and a sense of humor. I've fallen more times than I can count, but I have become a proficient "get-back-upper". I didn't get a great start in life but I realize it doesn't really matter how you started out, it's only when you stay in the race and cross the finish line that you earn a chance to win! I put myself through school, had a meteoric rise in Corporate America, and took a similar ride back down. Built two successful businesses and both of them failed. In the process I made tremendous progress -- A communicator, writer, motivational speaker, life coach and encourager my business today is helping people find their own voice, their own expression. I believe we all have something to say -- something unique to us that we were born to convey. My mission is to help women discover, uncover, and recover their voices. I have been conducting training in interpersonal and business communication for more than twenty-five years to diverse corporate and individual client groups and at the university level. It’s taken a lot of years to develop my voice; my greatest joy is when I help others find theirs. I am in the race -- I may not finish first but I intend to finish well. I don't know about the "happily ever after" part, but I am living proof there are happy later ons!

WOW Gal Ellen Lambert of Ellen Out Loud

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