Evita's WOW Story:

As it so often happens, where we start out in life is normally very far from where we end up. I was born outside of Canada, in a family where although the enjoyment of life was valued, life was seen more as a struggle, than anything else. At the age of 8, I found myself migrating to Canada with my family. Finding myself in a totally new home, amidst parents who continued to live out the struggles of life I did what most "good" girls are supposed to do. I finished high school and went to University getting an undergraduate degree in science, specializing in biology. I followed with a degree in education and became a high school science teacher.

Life seemed to be laid out according to plan for the most part. I got myself to a great place, landing a full time teaching job within my first year of having graduated. Having such a secure job, and one that I was proud and lucky to say I loved, one could have said I had it all. Financial and job security, a nice family, friends and good health... and yet something was missing.

I knew way back even in my early teens, that something about life and how people were  living it, did not quite add up. I decided to devote more time to" me" and figure out who "me" really was, what I wanted from life, what was my real purpose in it and how to transcend the daily struggles.

Well, as it turns out the Universe had a few amazing surprises up its sleeve. By my mid-20's my love for teaching was piercing deeper and beyond the classroom. I was a writer and speaker at heart, with a passion to educate and help others. At that time, I also met the love of my life, who is today my husband, unity partner and best friend. And then as if out of the blue, a book came to me that literally changed my life. I embarked from then, on what can only be described as a spiritual awakening.

All of a sudden my eyes, ears, mind, heart and soul were more awake and in tune with life than ever before. I wanted to share and spread as much of all this to others, in hopes that it can help them too and improve the quality of their life. And so with the awesome skills and support of my husband, I began 2 web sites to share my knowledge and passions with others - one about health & wellness, the other about personal evolution & growth.

 All of a sudden everything changed, as I saw through the illusory nature of our day to day life, and began to experience the deep inner peace and happiness, I knew were always missing in my life, and in most of our society.  (Continued at Right)


 Life, success, love and abundance all took on a totally different meaning. I was choosing to finally be me, to no longer live out by society's cookie-cutter rules and live in a robotic state.

I was alive.  I was awake, and I was relishing in the deliciousness of all that life offered when we stepped out of the illusion. The finale of this initial transformation came when I knew the right thing to do was move on from my job. The security was seductive, but I became too much of a free spirit, with too big of a mission to be locked into what can be seen as a typical 9 to 5.

Fast forward 5 years later, and I am living the life of my dreams, knowing that I am in a spot of no going back, only forward, towards more heart-centered living and evolving. Somehow without a secure or traditional job, all the finances worked themselves out, and each day I get to live out my life doing what I really love to do. Every action reflects who I truly am on a deeper level. I am true to myself, and I get to base my life on a service to others at the same time.

While I could go into details about this, I will close by saying that my ultimate happiness and inner peace came simply from doing one thing - listening to and following my heart. And so may you too, find the courage within you to be true to yourself, listen to and follow your own heart. The journey isn't always easy, but it is the most joyously fulfilling one of all!

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