Soul Journeys

When I was lying in my crib as a baby, I can vividly remember orbs of light, seeing light beings, journeying into other dimensions and reflecting on why I had chosen to incarnate in this lifetime. As I developed language skills, I was predicting events, communicating with ‘imaginary friends’ and delivering wisdom to the adults in my life.

My guides began visiting me more frequently immersed me in their stories about such topics as parallel realities, cosmic dimensions, astral travel, the angelic realm, planetary shifts, and the language of light. These visits were a welcome and entertaining respite to the loneliness of being an only child.

By the age of three, my guides determined that I was ready to learn my soul purpose for this lifetime: to heal the masses as a direct channel for universal truth and to work with the most complex cases.

And then I began receiving visions of my adult-self speaking to the masses about healing, equality, and world peace.

Then suddenly, there it was everywhere. I began to see my purpose play out in my own childhood reality. It seemed everywhere I looked there was healing needed in the world: the starving children in Ethiopia that I would see on TV, the foster children in my grandparents care, the stray animals on the street…..

I knew that I needed to help, but felt powerless in how to do that.

My only respite from this feeling of powerlessness was to do what I loved: play with my dolls!

In hindsight, I wasn’t playing with my dolls as much as I was role-playing my future. Each day, I would create a circle with my dolls and teach them about the ‘meaning of life’. So prophetic!!!

I caught the eye of my kindergarten teacher who saw that I could already read and write. She asked me to read to the class (like a teacher) and invited school officials to the class to witness me ‘performing’ to my peers.

Having been raised in a spiritually open home, I didn’t think of myself as “different” until that moment. It felt very uncomfortable, particularly because equality was so important to me!

From that moment, I spent the rest of my childhood and most of my adulthood dulling my light to avoid standing out and to avoid the commentary of what other’s thought of me.

I learned that in order to fit in, I needed to sensor my thoughts and abilities to make others feel more comfortable and become more accepting of me.

As the years went by, it became increasingly difficult to “know” things and pretend to others that I did not. “Knowing” things created a lot of internal conflict and I began to perceive myself as abnormal, and my intuitive abilities as a curse.

So, I played it safe.

I chose a socially acceptable career path instead of following my heart and living fully on purpose (but did try to make the most of it).

I went through university to become a social worker and began immersing myself in helping others in this conventional way.

I put myself through school by working as a counselor in developmental services and mental health, and as a trainer and advocate at a sexual harassment and anti-discrimination office.

So this was serving my purpose to a degree, but so often when your not fully on purpose the Universe gives you a wake up call. So what did I get? (continued at right)


Like Waldo...Can You find Jennifer in this photo??? 

A car accident!

That’s right…..while I was busy with full time school and my various jobs, I manifested a doozy of a car accident. I had no choice but to slow down, to reflect and to HEAL! 

Reiki was such a powerful healing tool in my recovery that I was compelled to learn how to use it to heal others. I needed to learn how to heal myself in order to help others to do the same! And that is exactly what I did!

So I got it, but I didn’t quite GET it….

After I graduated from university, I began working as a social worker in child welfare, where I was assigned the most complex cases of child maltreatment, while also providing healing services on the weekends.

By age 25, given my exposure to spiritual dimensions, marginalized groups, and every form of child maltreatment possible, I had moved into a higher level of my healing awareness and abilities. There is little that you could tell me that would surprise me.

And now, this is one of the main gifts that I have to offer….a safe space for YOU to share anything with me, knowing that I am not going to judge or shame you. I will hold a true sacred space of unconditional love, acceptance, inspiration and empowerment for you during your sacred time with me.

I know for certain that on my own soul’s journey, I needed to accumulate extensive knowledge in universal truth, child maltreatment, trauma, inequality, dis-ease and healing so that I could empower YOU through the service that I offer now: permanently healing the past, powerfully aligning to your soul’s purpose, illuminating YOUR divine gifts and talents, and expanding you into YOUR divine essence so that you may be who you really, really are!

I spent years dulling my light so that others would not feel uncomfortable around me, so I can relate to the various reasons that you may feel the need to dull your light as well.

Over time, through my own healing journey, I realized that YOU benefit when I illuminate my light because this empowers and inspires YOU to do the same.

As a result of living a purpose-filled journey, I have experienced many, many blessings including deep fulfillment, deep spiritual connections, boundless joy, crystal clarity and abundance on all levels!!!

I AM thriving in alignment with the most joyous, expansive, abundant path!

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