Wendy Matthews

 Creator/Owner of

 Happy Being Me

 One momentous night in the summer of 2007  Wendy Matthews was awoken from her sleep with the words Happy Being ME® running through her head.  To her it was not just the words that surprised her but the feeling that came with it. You see, Wendy has suffered from a mental illness for the past 30 years. 

This illness had taken many things from her life, friends had dropped off, a career never emerged but most importantly her self-esteem was depleted.

 These words and feeling had such an impact on her, it was almost a calmness that finally she was happy with who she was.  Wendy at last realized that she was not her illness, it was only a part of her, she was more than that and proud of the person she was.

Well the clock ticked on and sleep would not come because of the phrase “happy being me” that kept running through her head.  Wendy decided that something needed to be done with these words and feelings.  She wanted others to feel this way, to accept themselves and embrace who they are.

So she got up, sat at her computer and started a business plan.  Wanting to keep it fun and inspirational, Happy Being ME® was born.

Happy Being ME was formally launched January 2008 and people got our message right from the start.   Starting with bamboo t-shirts all printed with this message and a fun character from the family “Feel It” line.  Now entering their third year they have grown to offer not only their bamboo tees but also their “Share It” line of cotton tees that are offered in plus sizes.  In the fall of 2009 “Live It” line was launched  which includes a pet line, mugs, key chains, aprons and many other products. 

Wendy now runs the company as well as offers motivational and inspirational speeches.  You can reach her for speaking engagements through  www.wendyspeaksup.com. (continued at right)


Please check back often as we add new prints frequently.  If you have a print you want to see on a Happy Being ME® shirt please send us an email.  You never know what print is coming out next.

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