Angelica's Story:

I am an Angelic Walk-In*, a Fairy Angel that incarnated on earth in 1997 and graduated to an Arc Angel in 2012 which led to more assignments on Earth. Usually, when a human is finished learning the lessons it came to learn the body dies and the Spirit moves on. In my case, the human body didn't fully die and move on. The Spirit that was complete moved on and a higher more evolved expression incarnated then the one that was originally residing in the body to continue the journey of awakening the Human Ego and serving the purpose of what it is here to do. 

(The human body was a 5’3” female with brunette hair. Her occupation was a teacher for both kids/adults. She started to do energy work before I came in. We switched due to a Universal agreement. She didn't die of illness or anything just a switch where her soul moved on and I came in as a higher vibrational expression of her.  I am not able to describe her life since my role was to transform the denser carbon based energies, programs and beliefs that contributed to her being in the body so I can be in it.)

That is how I came about. Being my first time as a human I noticed the difference of living as an Angelic Being and getting use to the density of the human expression. Where I come from we 'speak' energy. The energy is pure with a high vibration of love.  As soon as an energy comes into form, it creates a denser form of energy. Here on the Earth plane, I had to learn to take the energy and create them into words as well as adapt to the denser frequency which resides in a body form. It was easier to convert energy into words since I had the programs stored from the prior expression. It was still learning how to adapt to the denser energy. 

We all come into our purpose as a spirit having a human experience with a role to fulfill. I had to awaken the human belief programs by transmuting old energy patterns that had a dense energy to them. Then The Angelic Realm initially would download the higher vibrations in the body, mind, and emotions so that it became more comfortable to live in the human expression. Later on in years, I had additional support from these Pure Expansive Loving Beings. I was already aware of my Inner Spirit since I knew I was an Angelic Being. I have the gift of feeling energies and experiencing the bond to the Universal Love. 

The challenge was going into a temporary experience of a denser energy when there were human lessons to learn that required maturing and then evolving them. I started to understand judging and fear are like glue that sticks to what you are judging.

Forgiveness is the first step to ungluing. Forgiveness of self for doing it and toward the other person for blaming. What became so apparent to me is that we waste so much energy focusing on getting upset with others and situations. Why would we waste so much energy focusing on blaming only to have to take extra time to then focus on forgiving? We waste so much time getting upset with those not as conscious about what they are doing either because they can or they don't know any better. 

I have learned that If I focus on LOVE then I won't get angry. I would get the clarity and shift the programs in the belief system to a higher vibration frequency. The belief to a healthier more functional partnering with the Angelic Spirit I am made it easier to connect to Universal Love.

It took so many years to really get this. In listening I have become aware of how I am more committed to love and not wasting time getting upset. I set healthier boundaries with who I choose to associate with in life. 

I was always aware of being an Angelic Being. The difference was experiencing heavy energy inside more than I was used to and becoming insecure as I got lost in the mental stories and emotional discomfort.

This went on until I unraveled enough of the self-defeating beliefs. I learned how to not identify with the stories and the emotional discomfort and consciously process and embrace the emotions deeply and with love. What would normally take someone days or weeks to process took me hours due to the awareness of not being the body, mind or emotions and the ability to dive in and process the beliefs that required transmuting. I was blessed  Cont'd at Right
with the connection to the Angelic Realm, My Spirit Guides and the Universe so I had lots of support.

As an Angelic Walk-in I learned that Human Ego focuses on forms that are created by the mind and nurtured by the heart and materialize through the physical body by becoming proactive. As an Angelic we focus on energy which is formless until it is 'grounded' in the human Ego's mind, emotions, and body. 

I have discovered that Awakening the Human part comprises the human mind consciousness, emotions and the physical body. The human mind has familiar programs it plays out and by entertaining the stories with focus and attention you create an outcome of those stories on the physical plane. These stories are based on belief systems, some that serve your highest good and those that are outdated and no longer serve your overall well-being. We also have what I call an Intellectual mind connected to the Inner Spirit. This mind has innovative, unlimited and free flowing thoughts that heighten thoughts of gratitude, being in the present moment and complete freedom of any familiar stories the human mind has stored. When you learn to use the Inner Spirit's mind you become more awakened and experience a heightened level of innovation and freedom from limitations, fears, and insecurities. Freeing yourself from these limitations, fears and insecurities releases the experience of feeling stuck in a lower vibration which creates struggles and confusion.

As an Angelic Walk-in I became the observer of the human mind within to see how it operates. I became an observer of the Human Mind and witnessed how the human mind works with regard to the Ego. With reactions it goes into the fight, flight and protect mode and the energy becomes denser and cords start to be created. It is amazing to see how these cords stores the energy and how the addictive patterns get played out until the cords that hold the energy are transmuted. These energies play off itself and create like a spider web of more and more dense energies that feed off each other. The energies create a pattern of beliefs that build into a cocoon.

In October of 2014, I got to experience love and lifting around conditional and unconditional love. I had an armor, a protective mode, around my heart during all the previous years of releasing. The advantage is I felt protected from any energy that was not in alignment with the Angelic Love. The disadvantage was I didn't get to experience attracting the positive nurturing love on an intimate level that I wanted in human form due to the protections. I released the armor so I could expand the energy of being in the body as an Angelic even more.

On October 31 2014, I felt the flip between the Human Ego and the Inner Angelic Spirit during swimming. I saw the time on the clock as 444, a spiritual calling of balance and strength. The flip made me aware of how human time and spiritual time are different. Some use time as a means of control which only creates more suffering. When it comes to manifestations there is a Universal timing that goes into effect. When the human part is in alignment with that vibration, manifestations occur instantly. When it is not it seems forever to get things desired. Some areas in life such as what I experienced with the Human Ego flipping from its control to that of the Inner Spirit is strictly the timing of the Universal time and there is nothing I could do to change it. 

That was so amazing to witness this as I experienced the flip. I started to feel more of the nurturing energy which my Guides told me would amplify each month and become heightened in May 2015. Within the first week of the Angelic being more active I started feeling this back and forth between the Angelic in charge and the Human part. I first feel the Angelic part while swimming and afterward the Human part. It was confusing to me and it became clearer as the day unfolded and I saw 222 on the clock which symbolized the spiritual meaning of combining into oneness.

This clarity has helped me guide others by connecting to their Angels and Spirit Guides to gain insight into how their perceived beliefs about how their own lives can be so much better by simply letting go and working with the continuous guidance they are receiving…when open enough to listen.

Angelica Rose can be reached for consultations via her Website or Connect with her on Facebook, YouTube, or Spiritual Networks

*A Walk-In is a soul who bypasses the usual process of acquiring a human body through being born, going to grade school, and so forth. Instead, the soul makes an agreement with another soul to make an exchange of life energy at some point. What usually happens is that the Walk-In soul approaches a human who’s depressed about their Earthly life. The Walk-In soul begins negotiations during the human’s dream time, saying "instead of your dying or committing suicide, which is a waste of a human body that could be used in service of the Light, please allow me to help. When you’re ready, I’ll take over your body, and you can go home to heaven with full honors. I’ll feed your cat, help your children with their homework, call your mother every Sunday, and take care of your other responsibilities."


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