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We Invite YOU to Share Your WOW Gal Story! 
It doesn't have to be YOUR Whole Life Story...
Just a Glimpse into One or more of the Life Changing Experiences YOU have had that...
 Helped YOU Become... Happier, Healthier, Wiser, Aware And/Or Knowledgeable.

 Topics We Are Looking to Cover

Stories About Overcoming...
Health Issues 
Family Dysfunction
Abuse from Another
Career Issues
Childhood Differences
Financial Losses
Gender Acceptance
Discrimination Issues
Unexpected Life Issues
Starting Over After Loss/Retire
Dealing with Loss 
Having to Fail to Succeed 
Moving to Another Country 

Have Experienced a Type of Rebirth / Transformation Not Listed Above?
Submit it in case we think so too!

We wish Our Readers to Resonate & / Or Recognize a Mirror of a Part of Their Life or Someone They Know;   

  To See Light At the End of the Tunnel WITHOUT actually being TOLD Or Given a List of Steps on How to.

To Learn from Example Therefore...

(No Article/Infomercial Type Stories Please... We are looking to share the journey...not just the happy ending)

Find Out More...

 WOW Gal's Guardian Angel Energy Portrait done by Our WOW Gal Gloria Messenger, THE Angel Messenger

Creator  &  OWNER

Carolyn Shannonn


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