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  Caroline's Story:

I don’t remember much of my childhood or even how I was looked after. In fact, I do not remember any adults in my life.  At 2 1/2 my father was killed at work and my mother was not well. I do not even have any memories with my sister during that time (6 months old at the time).  Basically, we had to fend for our selves.  Looking back, I know God alone took care of us. He was faithful to his word, He is the Father to the Fatherless. We survived.

When people ask how long I have been drawing I can honestly say all of my working life.  I took graphic design in college and was hired by Shoppers Drug Mart (at  the head office in North Toronto) in advertising from 1973 until 1986
 to draw.  That was before computers were used for graphic design and I hand drew things like toothpaste and toilette paper as an advertising layout artist. 

Those were great days when I learned a lot about
advertising and marketing.  Now a days the term branding is a popular term.  I learned branding at Shoppers Drug Mart before the term was  invented. I learned you don't buy facial tissue you buy Kleenex. Sadly I learned that Murray Koffler, the founder of Shoppers Drug Mart passed away and I am thankful I worked under his leadership. I even met my husband when I worked there.

Yes,  I met and married a man who was a wonderful husband and blessed with with great sense of humor. Once again demonstrating to me that God was taking care of me.
since Jim passed away in 2013 I have kept the faith that I will be okay. That I am being looked after.

My saving grace was art and starting in grade school as most artists do, my true talents were realized. This took me from doodling in class and clandestinely sketching high school teachers to drawing the likenesses of the famous and non-famous alike.  This has taken me as far as Swaziland in southern Africa, where she got to draw and draw with children at a local mission.

While first drawing for gifts, both traditionally and digitally, my favourite is drawing live, whether it is at a wedding, a birthday party, a community, corporate, or any event request. I have even been blessed with the opportunity to have my creations portray some of Canada’s most famous citizens including Prime Minister Stephen Harper and actor Christopher Plummer. Cont'd at Right...  

I have drawn a few celebrities live. The first one was of Gordie Tapp at the Stouffville farmers market.  I have also drawn some old-time hockey players

Of course, everyone is a natural model and to draw at such a furious pace while maintaining accuracy requires focus and attention. Having drawn thousands of caricatures over the years I still have a love for it. I love the interaction with people.  A comment I often get is ‘you’re always smiling’ and my return comment is ‘and so are you.’ 

Living in and operating out of Niagara Falls you can find me at local events such as Canada Day and the Santa parade, and occasionally, for fun at one or more local coffee shops or where I am welcomed by the owners and customers both. 
Recently I have been given the opportunity by the City of Niagara Region to draw Caricatures for Niagara events. Having been blessed with the ability to work at a lightning speed I have been known to create as many as 25 caricatures in an hour.  That may slow down as I “mature” but my love for what I do will be with me forever.

This year is especially busy with caricature gigs and Brock University (where I am going part time to get a degree.  At my age I do not have to pay tuition.  But I think I am 18).  

Also I am volunteering with the Salvation Army Christmas kettle campaign.Giving of my time is one of the most valuable things I can offer at this time of year and it makes my heart happy to do it.

Being a December WOW Gal we felt it fitting to display one of Caroline's Christmas Caricatures of Herself

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