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Cindy's WOW STORY:

At age 3 my life took an path that affected me in many ways.  A trusted family friend became my betrayer and sexually abused me for 3 years.

The effects of this trauma wove its way through me for years, without me being aware of it.

As a teenager I became promiscuous as I tried to find love and value in the wrong places.  Raised in a conservative environment this put me in a place of constant conflict as I strove to prove I was loved in ways that were diametrically opposed to the values I held dear.  

When I married at 25 I believed I was finally saved from the cycles of good behavior and hidden destructive patterns in my life, but alas the root of self-devaluing grew even stronger as I tried hard to "be a good wife and mother" and follow all the rules.  

My marriage of 25 years eventually ended with me being unfaithful. I was then left with the devastating destruction I had created in my life, the life of my children, friends and family and finally it was time to face the truth of what I was doing.

I realized I was looking for something or someone to prove I was valuable and loved since I couldn't embrace that in myself.  

This began my journey to "find myself" and accept my worthiness apart from doing what I thought was "right".

I realized that I wouldn't get there by doing. I could only arrive there just by being me.

Letting everything I believed fall away, I stepped onto the path of discovery with an open mind and heart. 

Along the way I learned how to forgive, accept and love myself so that I could do the same with others, no matter what. 

My faith was completely restructured and in the years to follow I learned that loving myself first and being available to feel again gave me the possibility to live my life from my own inner compass and experience a spiritual connection so much bigger than I ever imagined.

 I no longer lived a life of separation striving to figure out how to be significant as I reunited with my heart and the Divine.  

This led me to a deep passion and desire to turn around and share my lessons and practice with other women who have also lost themselves and are searching for ways to feel comfortable in their own skin.

 This passion birthed Red Hot Living Coaching Services for women who are ready to Continued at Right...


"find themselves" after years of serving and giving themselves away, only to feel empty and disconnected.

The foundation of my work centers around The Tree of Me Transformation Process that creatively reveals your heart imprint¬¶where you want to go, why you are not getting there and where to start to make it happen.Courageously facing the truths and shadows of your heart brings you face to face with the places you hide and avoid and gives you the opportunity to shift and change, in your own sacred energy and rhythm.  

Being available is the first step.  My heart had much to share with me when I was available to let it show itself.

I often ask those I work with, "What is your heart waiting to tell you?"

Many women must learn to be female again and understand that we are naturally coded to be strong, compassionate, intuitive, nurturing and confident.  From this place we can truly change the world into the place we want to be living.

Cindy Hudson 615.456.4055

Red Hot Living & The Tree of Me Transformation Process

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