Dawn's Story:

The Vibration of Forgiveness by Dawn James

      The great English poet Alexander Pope wrote that “to err is human, to forgive divine."

      It truly takes great effort to forgive someone who has hurt you, especially someone you have trusted and loved your entire life, someone who was your confidante and your best friend. I am speaking from personal experience. I survived an attempted murder suicide that was initiated by my mother when I was six months pregnant with my first child. How do you bring yourself to forgive someone of such a violent act?

    The entire forgiveness process didn't happen overnight. It took me 16 years.

    I remember reliving the events of that day over and over. Then, instead of thinking about what happened to me I made a conscious decision to put myself in her world.

    I tried to think about what she was feeling and thinking that morning. What drove her to try to end my life and her own? And when I fully got into her consciousness, I came to the profound realization that this was a woman ravaged by fear—the fear of change and the fear of loss.

    These fears had plagued her since she was an infant and her mother died. When she was eight years old her father died and she was raised by stepparents who neither treated her nor regarded her as their own child. 

     She survived three miscarriages until, finally, I was born—her only child. And then some 20 years later she became terrified of “losing” me and my love to my new husband and first child, who was on the way. She could not accept that I was a wife and a mother-to-be. 

     All I can feel for her now is pity. After all, she had forgotten that love is infinite. I cannot love her less because I have two more people in my life to love. The more love I give, the more I have to give. I wholeheartedly forgave her and wished her the best life has to offer.

       The act of forgiveness means many things to many people, and for me it meant releasing the burden of this negative experience and letting go of the negative emotions that I was holding onto.

Through this journey  I became aware that we are bio-electric beings; that is, we have electric currents flowing through us and the frequency of these currents can affect our well-being. Our emotions are energy in motion, and because negative emotions vibrate at a low frequency emotions such as pain, fear and spite can restrict the flow of energy so that we become heavy, slow and often stuck.

For example, when we hold onto anger, this emotion can get stuck in our joints causing inflammation and pain, whereas deep emotional pain might affect the heart and respiratory system and fear, worry and anxiety can become trapped along the spine and affect the central nervous system.. Continued at right...           


With forgiveness, we release negative emotions such as anger and fear and our energy flow becomes unstuck and begins to vibrate at a higher frequency. 

When we don't forgive, we are the losers, because when we continue to hold onto our negative feelings, we eventually become emotionally and physically imbalanced. However, forgiveness truly gives us personal power. When we forgive someone we take away that person’s power over us. 

Past hurts can literally weigh us down, like a ball and chain around our entire being, making us feel stuck and unable to move forward in our life. Forgiveness does not necessarily mean reconciliation with the person who hurt us, or that we condone their actions; however, it is a process that can help us find inner peace.

I have come to understand that when we forgive someone, we are not only releasing negative emotions, but we are also making room for the free flow of positive high vibrations, and the vibration of forgiveness can indeed lift us and benefit us in many ways

These are some of the things the vibration of forgiveness can do for us:

  Lighten our heart by removing the heavy weight of negative experiences

  Lighten our speech when we stop complaining or accusing others of being responsible for our experiences

  Lighten our emotions by releasing feelings of anger, frustration, spite and pain and make room for peace, joy and love

  Free us so that we are no longer enslaved by the circumstances we once thought were controlled by someone else or by external forces

  Free us to live and to love

  Strengthen us by allowing us to recognize our ability to withstand any circumstance or experience and rise above it, learn from it and move forward with our life 

This was a precise of Dawn's Story from her first book.

 Dawn James is an energy practitioner; speaker and author of the best selling book Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life: A Practical Guide for Attaining Better Health, Vitality and Inner Peace. Visit her Website or follow her on her BlogFacebook, Twitter &/or Goodreads 


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