When I was a little girl I never imagined that the words  and music floating around in my head could lead to a future beyond belief. 

Growing up, I was obsessed with the music I heard on Top 40 radio. I started playing guitar at age 10 and soon began writing songs. By my early teens, my father was taking me to meetings with Los Angeles music publishers. I was blessed with a parent that believed in my potential.

Yes, there were times when it flowed and others when it was a bit more challenging and felt like hard work. However, looking back and forward... it was ALWAYS a dream come true.

While I am very outspoken and passionate about the songs I write and have always had a vision of the artist(s) I would like to perform them I am not as comfortable talking about my personal life. Or even “tooting my own horn”, so to speak. 

However… when it comes to convincing some artists that a song is something they need to record and that it will be a hit for them… I am a bit like a bulldog. 

Thankfully… the majority of those I have been able to convince have often landed on the Top 10 and even won Grammys, etc. 

Suffice to say that while I never married, my songs are the many children I have birthed and through the creation of them I have lived a very fulfilled life. 

Even more so as I have experienced so many of them going on to “graduate” so to speak, and be loved by so many. Let me pinch myself again to make sure this isn’t a dream. 

My life has been filled with so many AMAZING people who have supported me, worked with me and many of which have remained lifetime friends. 

My hope is to continue to birth beautiful songs and share them with the world. To have my words and music resonate with others forever. How can it get any better than that? Well, anything IS possible, right? 

Rather than go on an on about my success in the music business, I share with you a few videos and articles that you may open and see for yourself. 

However... I did release my first album with the help of other artists called, The Cave Sessions Vol 1 and plan to release the next in the future... so keep your eyes & ears open! I had way too many songs to fit on this one.

Ten to one… A favorite song of yours, your parents and perhaps even your children’s has be represented through the my continued journey.

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The Cave Sessions Vol 1
The Diane Warren Foundation was created to support philanthropic causes in areas close to Diane's heart.  The Diane Warren Foundation is dedicated to the support of animal rights & protection, enriching lives of the elderly and people suffering from life-threatening illnesses, along with music related charities.
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