Ginette's Story:

Sharing my *path *in life means having to re-visit a time when I was 5 years old.

As a 5 year old I was aware the major role my surroundings played,
effecting my every sense. By entering a room I could feel the direction of energy, sometimes bringing comfort, sometimes anxiety.

Feeling myself on a stage having to move the props which happened to be my parents furniture and anything adorning the room. When my Mother expressed her concerns with "my need" to move the sofa I shared with her that I just couldn't breath properly, funny looks followed.

*This thought brought an awakening*; the beginning of a creative and
profound engagement with my life's purpose. Not feeling blessed but rather susceptible to confusion, sometimes turmoil would best describe this form of expression since I had no words to describe with.

In grade 5 I found myself announcing the colours in my room were not
appropriate, so with my allowance I passengered with my Father for a 2 hour trip to the nearest Department store, located in Cochrane to get the colour of paint that felt better to me. I was grateful my Mother enjoyed sewing, and I soon had new curtains and bedspread as well.

Looking back I recognized my awareness and association with colours and their energies. After completing an Interior Decorator course I was anxious to create nourishing breathing spaces even if it meant breaking some rules. Once again not being able to explain with reason, it just felt better!

I could hear the same words of concern only now it was expressed through my husband, increasing my need to improve our home would continue to tax my sense of determination.

Over 20 years ago while reading a letter to the editor, the words "Feng
Shui" described, in a profound sense, how I felt. The acquisition had
ended...or had it. This introduction of ancient art in design would mean a lifetime of dedication in study and practice yet I sensed a strong awakening and liberation and relief at the same time!

The opportunities for growth while
locating an appropriate Feng Shui Master, and studying this passion included dealing with Alcoholism in my family, caring for a Mother with Alzheimer's, the death of both my Mother and Father, my Daughter living and working in China, dealing with and beating bowel cancer after 2 years of surgeries, leaving my 30 year marriage, unemployment, and the death of my husband.

Interesting how the universe offers clear path for us only if willing to open our eyes, the day that I became Certified as a Feng Shui Practitioner was the day my husband died.

Today I own and operate my own business called "Harmony In Design", a Feng Shui practice in the Niagara Peninsula. My practice offers unique service which is affordable, honest, reliable, with compassion. Working out of my home means balancing work and play requires discipline yet I enjoy my work so much, it rarely feels like work. Continued at right...


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Each aversion experienced as an encounter to test us on our path. I realize now that when we dedicate ourselves to our passions, nothing is too big, too small, too new, too old, too personal or too objective to teach us.

When we are open to receive the lessons in each moment of our awareness we learn, we live. The true Revolutionaries of our times are those who are willing to make the journey into the unknown. The willingness to stretch emotional, psychological and spiritually, to be disturbed and challenged are the prerequisites, to deep awakening.

I see Feng Shui as Acupuncture for the Home. Blocked energy needs to be unblocked both in the body & the home to assist in the improvement of one's whole health.

*When our surroundings nourish us, our energy increases and we feel most empowered to achieve our goals. Feng Shui is the life force in our daily environment.*

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