Jacqueline Adan

I’m Jacqueline and  I have always  struggled with my weight since I was a little girl.  

In 2012, I  realized  that  my  weight  had  gotten completely out of hand. I found myself weighing more than  I could ever imagine - over 500 pounds. 

I set off on a journey to  not only change my weight  but also determined  to  change  my  life.  And I did! Through healthy eating, exercise and  the unconditional support of my family, friends  and  amazing  fiancé Kevin,  I set off  on my journey and  have  never  looked  back.   I  have  now  lost over 300 pounds and I am having several skin removal surgeries. 

It wasn't  smooth sailing though.  When  I’d lost 350 pounds, and  my  body didn't  shrink  to perfection  I still experienced cruel teasing and comments that still hurt.

On a vacation to Mexico soon after I decided I was ready to wear a bathing suit  without a cover-up,  something  I hadn’t done for so long. I was nervous to take my it off and to walk into the pool or  walk on  the beach.  I still felt like that same 500 pound girl.

If the folks  around me  had known  how much blood, sweat, and  tears had gone into  that moment, perhaps they’d have cheered  as I  shed  my cover up.  Sadly,  though, a  couple who did took notice cruelly pointed and laughed at me.

This  completely   unnecessary  body  shaming  could  have ruined the moment.  In fact,  it could have  ruined  the whole vacation.  That’s what would have happened in the past.

I would have  allowed  their comments to affect my vacation and  I probably  would not  have gone  to the beach  or pool again.

When I went swimming my legs  were still puffy with cellulite and  large  in comparison  to  my torso.  It would  have been easy to let  the snickers,  comments and  judgemental looks rob me of the joy of accomplishment but I realized my worth had nothing to do with what other people thought.

That's actually when it hit me ... they have no idea about my weight loss,  so  why am I  going  to let  their  opinions affect me?  How I feel about myself is what matters.  And so that's exactly why  I smiled  at them  and kept on  feeling gratitude for how far I had come.

While the nasty reactions did bothered me,  I decided not to dwell  on  the  opinion  of  complete  strangers.   Instead  of letting  their  response bring me down, I took a deep breath, then chose to smile and walk into the pool.

That was a huge moment for me.  I had changed.  I was not the same girl anymore. (Continued at Right)
God has an amazing way  of turning  our pain  into purpose. Since starting my weight loss journey,  I have been blogging about it  in the hopes  of inspiring others.  And  after sharing my body-shaming experience on Instagram,  it quickly went viral.

Knowing that  it has  reached so many people  and that I am getting  so many comments and  messages of people telling me  how  much  my posts  have  helped  them  truly  means the  world  to  me! .
I want  people  to know  that  if I  can feel confident  and  beautiful  in my body,  with lots of loose skin, even  after  losing  350 lbs.,  then I hope  they can  focus on who they are  and  forget about  everyone else  who  tries to bring them down!

When I started my weight loss journey, I knew I ultimately wanted to weigh less than 200 pounds. But instead of focusing on the huge, daunting number, I broke my weight loss goals down into smaller increments.

In July 2016, I had my first skin removal surgery.  I had a circumferential lower body lift with a “fleur de lis.”  In November 2016 I had my second skin removal surgery.  I had a circumferential upper body lift as well as an arm lift. 

In June 2017 I had revisions to my back and arms to remove the rest of the skin that was left after the second procedure.  In January 2018 I had liposuction done on my legs from my waist all the way down to my ankles.  I will still be needing 2 (possibly 3) more surgeries.

These surgeries have drastically changed my life already.  My skin is not only causing medical issues, but it is also affecting my mental health and well being.  I still have a long way to go with recovery but I’m so happy with how everything is going so far.

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