Jenny's Story:

23 years in the making... That's when I began to find myself.

After high school I began to work for the same company as my dad, in my home town of St. Catharines, Ontario. I was very good at my job but the company started to fail. I had to make a choice. Continue working at a job I hated until the company folded or do what I'd dream of doing since I was 12 years old.

I chose the latter. It was a scary new beginning. I was 29 years old and leaving a job that paid fairly well, that paid health benefits and a company vehicle to move home with my parents so I could return to school.

Living at home would be a huge challenge, add to that returning to school.

WHAT WAS I THINKING? I hated school. I was painfully shy and always felt invisible in school, not to mention I was 29 years old and entering a program that most felt I was too old for.

This was my new passion....Hairdressing. How was I going to do this. I was going to have to learn to make conversation with strangers. The course load didn't scare me, all I could think about was exposing the real me in conversation with strangers.

Well I had a wonderful experience with a great teacher who I feel I owe my 23 year career to, the founder of this online magazine, Carolyn Shannon.

After passing the course and the provincial exam I packed up and moved to New Brunswick. I had mastered my first big challenge so I was ready to take on a new one.

This is where the new life really begins. I'd never been away from home so moving was a huge deal.

I moved in November of '92 and began working in a salon in April of '93.

It was a fairly normal life…I thought.  I was busy working, forming relationships, becoming a wife. Something was still missing. I didn't know what but I was basically going through life aimlessly. Partying on the weekends Cont'd at Right...

working during the week and so on.

In '95 I became the mother of twin daughters, the loves of my life. There had to be something more and I wanted that for my girls.

One Sunday my cousin invited me to this little church she had found. I had never been to church before, accept for weddings and a short time when my mom sent us to Sunday school for about 3 months when I was 13I hesitated to go and actually drove by 3 or 4 Sunday's before I actually went in.

Finally I went in and a God I had never know before met me there. I never knew him but he knew me and he began that day making me a new me.

That was 17 years ago and God has seen me through so many things since then. He brought my husband out if alcoholism, helped me deal with both my daughters asthma, walked with me during the grieving after my dad’s unexpected suicide. So many things I've endured with God that I would have fallen apart from without him.  Not to mention healing my heart of past hurts.

I never forget and live by my favourite verse. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13 .

My life is good. I am no longer painfully shy. I have a successful business as a hairstylist. I have family and friends whom I love and a God that is always there for me (even when I forget sometimes).

I pray my story blesses someone.

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