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Karma's Story:

Throw away kid. I was a child born in the early 60's to a mother who didn’t want me.  

My grandmother had always hoped her daughter would grow into a young woman wanting to be a mother. It just didn't happen. The longer I was with my mother the worse the abuse became. I became the brunt of all of her frustrations. .As an infant I had been left alone for hours. I was malnourished, sun burned and shy. When the person who is meant to protect you is the one you need protection from it causes a lot of emotional damage.

At age two I was finally taken from her and given to my grandparents. Except my grandfather didn't want me with them either. This was their retirement time. The last thing they wanted was to raise another child at this stage of their lives. My grandfather didn’t try to hide his resentment and the abuse continued.

At school wasn't much better.  I didn't quite fit in with the other kids. I remember being in the streets at 14 thinking I will never be like them. So the school nurse let me fill in some time with her when she took her lunch. 

That was when I realized I liked helping others. I still had years to go of working on myself before I could truly help others. However this was when the flame to do so was ignited in my heart and soul.

During middle school it was suggested I leave school and get my GED. I moved on to college and as well as quenching my thirst for knowledge I also required another ten years of self-help books and therapy to heal my heart and re-connect with my soul.

Then at age 24 I started nursing school which led me to pediatric nursing. In the process I found my way to adolescent psychology. From my own experience I understood why they didn't trust adults, after all it was their parents who were supposed to protect them as well. 

They recognized the fact I understood and that opened up a lot of communication. I had always hoped I made a difference and years later I ran into one of the kids that was at the facility years earlier. He validated this when he told me if it hadn't been for the fact I really listened he would have killed himself. But instead he found the courage to prosecute his father, save his younger siblings from the abuse and have his own family.

That moment alone was worth everything to me. It both confirmed and validated that what I had suffered and survived  Continued at Right


 had made stronger and through my experience I had helped another. It gave me a new perspective on the abuse I lived through and made me a better parent to my 5 kids. 

After I had my first child and went to therapy for help they diagnosed me with Dissociative Identity disorder. After learning what this meant I began the long road to wholeness. I had always been spiritual and made a special promise to my higher power. I was ready to break the chain of abuse in my life

 I made a difference in a lot lives and have 5 kids as well as a lot of one's I took in off the street. I broke the chain of abuse in my family and changed my world. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do it if it's your dream you will find a way. After all if you can survive child abuse you can become anything you choose to be.

I never doubted that spiritually I wasn't alone although yes I did wonder if anyone heard my prayers at the time. If you listen with your heart and soul you will hear the one being you .can count on to always be there. Our Creator and yes prayers are answered if you stop the noise and listen. 

So through love and forgiveness I was shown that even while living in hell I knew I was given the gift of survival so I could someday share my story and give another person hope. It is what drives me to continue to do so now. Leaving NO Doubt that in the eyes of our higher power: we are all loved and wanted. 

I wouldn't change a thing because it made me a better person than I think I would have been. Namaste  

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