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Kathy's Story:

It all started in 2009 when my corporate career ended.

I decided I had had enough of commuting for 3 hours a day for 30 years. My children were all grown and I discussed with my husband if  we would be financially okay on one salary.

So I left my six figure job and decided I would go out on my own doing Event Planning. Well did I get a wake-up call as soon as I hung out my shingle "Eloquent Event Planning".

I read a ton of books on getting your business started, what you needed after you picked your name, business license, get a website, insurance etc. Then I joined all these networking groups and started to go to all the meetings.

I thought "oh this is great, socializing, meeting people, having coffee and no stress". Than 6 months into it, I realized, I wasn't getting any business from all these groups I was going to.

So one of the ladies I met said she had no time to do her errands and I said " oh, I could do those for you" and then I added a concierge service. Then I changed my business card to Eloquent Events & Concierge Services.  As I am a Certified Event & Wedding Planner and a Certified Personal Concierge.

I realized I needed to step back from all the groups and choose one or two that I really could focus on building some relationships with and sell myself that way.

The recession hit as well, so that was part of my hurdle, because it seemed no one was getting Eloquent Events & Concierge Services. It was too long and people just couldn't remember all that.

I met this business coach at one of the two groups I stayed in and thought she might be able to help me. She said "absolutely". So I met with her and before I knew it, she had me roped into spending thousands and I mean thousands on coaching. She said she would make me a "star". Little did I know, after she aggressively had me writing two cheques for $2995.00 & $2,000.00, that after meeting her 4 times I would get nothing useful from her to help me with my business.

She also had me run a bunch of errands for her totaling about 10-12 hours of my service and she never paid me. This made me literally sick to my stomach. I had paid this very aggressive women coach a lot of money and she didn't help me at all. Being so new to this entrepreneur world, I had no idea what I was doing. I am not saying every coach out there is BAD. I feel if I had known what I know now I would have taken things more slowly before shelling out so much with so little to show for it. I will share my story with anyone in order to save them this huge loss of money and to make them aware so they never to use this specific coach, or one like her.

 So I stepped back from it all and cried my face off at the loss of the large sum of money and then decided I needed to fix this. As I mentioned earlier, the name Eloquent Events & Concierge Services just wasn't working, so one night I woke  up at 2:00 in the morning from a dead sleep and said "Butler Girl" and my husband who I had awoken in the process asked, "Who is Butler Girl?" The very next day I decided I would learn from this huge mistake and start fresh and earn that money back.

I had to get a new business license, a new website, new business cards etc., Continued at Right...


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and start fresh and earn that money back.

I had to get a new business license, a new website, new business cards etc.,

Then I asked one of the ladies that had been in business for 22 years if she would be my mentor.
This way I could bounce things off her before I ever thought of spending any money on anything huge.

She is still my mentor today. I am grateful for her. My business has grown over the last 18 months and I am most thankful for that. Some people would have just closed up shop but I did not want to let this women ruin me. Even though she obviously has no conscious I knew that by doing so I would be giving my power to her. Taking back my power by making these new decisions have led to my new found success despite this devastating experience. This reflects  to me how much I have learned and want to help others because of it.

I am sharing my brief story with new entrepreneurs so that don't make the same mistakes as I have. I am happy to share whatever I can to help others as it is all about sharing, caring and building relationships.

I continue to challenge myself every day, to keep going, to help others where I can, do my part in giving back in the community. It's not all about making money, but if you do what you can for others the rest will come.

The key thing I have learned in being an entrepreneur is: do your homework, get referrals, talk to people before you use anyone's for any service.  And learn from your mistakes!

Wishing everyone much success in your endeavours.

Warmly, Kathy Russell                                                         

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