On December 16th every year for the last 24 years, I ponder on my life!  Why may you ask?  On this date in 1998, I decided to stop drinking!  This is my sobriety date!  

My children were the deciding factor when it came to stopping drinking!  It was a no-brainer. The moment of clarity was first thing in the morning.  I had struggled for years with alcoholism before making the decision.  One thing I knew for sure was that I did not want to be that "Drunk Mom"!  I drank pretty much 7 days a week.   

I reflected on my behaviour and came to the conclusion that I did not like who I was!  Only I could make the decision to change my life, so I did!  

Everyone has a different structure to their personality and characteristics, for me, I am an "All or Nothing Gal".  Meaning that once I make a final decision I didn't look back.  I moved forward, slowly working through all the healing. Changing my habits, patterns, and behaviour as necessary! 

2022 is significant in so many ways that I wanted to share my experience of life without alcohol as the center of all celebrations.  

When I was younger all I saw at Celebrations, Holiday, and Christmas, were the adults having a drink.  I believed that you needed a drink to relax, a drink to celebrate, and this thought process began a cycle of habitually drinking for me. 

This is just one of the mental patterns of thoughts that we put into our minds play out in our lives.  If you believe , as I did, that you need a drink to relax, or a drink to celebrate, or as a coping mechanism, then that's what you will need. 

If you believe that you don't need that drink of alcohol to celebrate, relax or help you cope, then that is what will carry you through until the habit creates a new pattern. 

One day at a time, one step forward, believing in your higher power, your angels, guides, and guardians, or what I call my "Partners in the Spirit".  That guidance system has carried me from being a Recovering Alcoholic to a Recovered Alcoholic.  The difference is that I do not crave, want, or believe that alcohol will help me in any way. 

Why am I sharing this now?  This year has proven for many people in my circle of friends, and family that alcohol can mismanage your life, and turn your world upside down.  

I am sending out love and healing to those that are affected by a decision that was made during a time that you were drinking or drunk.  And sending out the same to those who may have been affected by my poor decisions from the same in the past.

These lessons that come up in our lives are ours to learn, grow, and evolve into the person you want to be!  Understanding that changing who you are will change the world you live in, is pivotal!  Reflection is a process of going within and looking at how you can change. 

The time has come to release the blame game, refrain from judging others, or fault-finding. These thought processes get you nowhere!!  

The philosophy that I live by is Authenticity!! Living in my own Truth! My feet planted firmly on the ground, centered in my heart and emanating *Love* to All. Love is the most potent healing energy. 

Sending each and every one love and healing!  Laura

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