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I can't remember my mother ever holding me…just beating me for reasons I never understood at such an early age. After all, she was my mother; shouldn't she love me? What was it I did to deserve this rage? Besides her non-stop physical and mental abuse, she would "punish" me by making me crawl around and clean the floor. It was like she had to punish me to feel better about something she carried around inside her. Unaware of what she did to me when he was at work, my dad took a picture of me scrubbing the floor with mom glaring at me while I did it. I guess they thought it was "cute." This just told me that somehow he supported her inner unresolved torment. 

Every day was more of the same. She was angry all the time and her hatred for me defied reason. It was such a shock to me that, at just 20 months of age, I had run out of life options. I had to find a way out of this extremely desperate situation. This was a special kind of hell she had created for me, one I knew I had to escape from. 

I did the only thing I could. I shook the gate latch loose and I ran. I ran as fast as I could. My intuition told me which way to go to find my dad because I knew he would save me from her. I never made it. Two Sacramento police officers found me miles from home, running down the median of a busy freeway, my bare feet bleeding, dressed in a diaper and a baby snap-up shirt. They asked me where I was going and I told them, "I'm going to find my daddy…there's something wrong with mommy." 

I refused to tell them where I lived so they took me to the candy store and bribed me with my favorite goodies. This is when I became vulnerable to telling them the truth about where I lived. Not knowing the names of the streets I pointed out to them, turn by turn, how to get back to my house. 

My mom answered the door with the most shocked look on her face. She hadn't even noticed I was gone. She covered up any anger she was feeling with a false demeanor of concern and false love. Her acting job convinced the policemen that she was truly concerned about me being gone. She thanked the officers for finding me and bringing me home safely. When the policemen were gone, she took me inside and closed the door; she grabbed the candy out of my hands and threw it in the garbage. Then she beat me unconscious. 

I woke up sometime later and couldn't walk - only to find myself right back in the hell I had tried to escape from. Realizing I couldn't run from this I cried out for help. Although I didn't know who I was asking, to my surprise, someone answered me. I felt a benevolent presence surrounding me. I didn't know who or what this was but it was real and "they" were on my side. 

Finally, someone was on my side - someone was there with me - someone who loved me for the first time in my life. This day was the beginning of the powerful life coach training I would receive from my "Spirit Guide Angels" throughout the rest of my life. You see, "They" raised me, not the parents I was born to. 

Their training started with a dream I call the "merry-go-round" dream, which was one of the first strong memories I had as a child. I guess they wanted me to learn this important lesson about my life's work because I had this same dream multiple times per night until I was 35 years old. They told me that my mission in this life was to show others how to overcome their fears so they could live the life they intended to live before they were born.  Cont'd at Right... 


My Spirit Guide Angels showed me how fear turned into pain and to get out of pain I must first get out of fear. It was fear that set it all off. In fact, the fear in the dream stopped people from experiencing new things, preventing them from believing in themselves. My new teachers in this dream showed me what would become the biggest tragedy of our times. It would be that most people would die having lived a fear-based life. 

This was distressful to me and is the reason my life's work has been helping people overcome their fears. Once the pressure is released and the fear is gone, only then can we be inspired by the new experiences our Guides present so we can begin to learn who we are and trust ourselves. This is when the passion takes over in your life and you discover your real purpose - the real You. This is when your life is forever changed. From living it, I can attest firsthand that life just doesn't get any better than this! 

The painful experiences with my family continued until I escaped with nothing as a pregnant teen in crisis at age 16. By age 19, in addition to having a three year old daughter, I had become a self-taught business phenomenon in a man's world - the construction industry.  Living a guided life, I have been able to face my fears, learn exactly who I am, and rise above all the obstacles placed on my path - and there have been many of them. I AM SO grateful now to be able to help others lift themselves out of the pain, discover themselves and those who walk with them. 

The culmination of my journey was to become a Life Coach and author of the book, "Guided,"  a training manual that triggers the reader to live a fearless, authentic life in spite of their obstacles. This life is possible with the life coach training you receive from your own Spirit Guide Angels Yes, you do have them around you at all times. Everyone does. The more you learn to be present, the more you will be able to detect their messages and become more like them. New clarity will come into your life and you begin to accept things for exactly what they are. You will become fearless so you can become who YOU really are.

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Available Nov 11, 2014

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