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Luisa's WOW Story:

Even “Superwomen” have their struggles and need “Me” Time or they can crash & fall.

I have struggled to juggle too many passions at once and to top it off  decided to start up a business without any previous experience in the field.

I absolutely loved being a wife, a mother, and a teacher and continuously strived to be the best in all of these roles. The difficulties and challenges of balancing everything often took a toll, but strength and endurance kept me going.

I have a Masters of Education degree, and even wrote a book titled: Dramatic Activity in the French Classroom. Although teaching is an amazing part of my life, during one of my maternity leaves, my passion for interior design was pushing me to expand my horizon.

Everyone always told me I had an eye for decorating. So instead of pursing my PhD I thought I would take something more relaxing, a decorating course.

One course led to another and I eventually earned several diplomas as a professional design, decorating, staging and redesign professional. I have named my business Absolute Simplicity – Stylish Staging and Design Solutions.

Within 2 short years I have already been awarded three Hamilton Reader’s Choice Awards. I have participated and put my heart into every avenue of this new business world including promotions through my own television show on Cable 14 this past year, posters highlighting my name for the Sears Gala, and connecting with the crew on one of Debbie Travis’ design shows. This was a tremendous highlight to my career.

I thrive on doing lots of things at once. I enjoy it believe it or not! I wanted to make my business a success rapidly. My mind was always racing with positive and negative thoughts. “I can do this no problem, I can do it all!” and if I made a mistake with a client, I would think “I am never going to make it, I have no business experience, how can I pull this off?” My journey of becoming a business woman went through a lot of ups and downs but all of these experiences have really changed my spiritual thinking and perspectives on life.

What people were saying takes 5 years to do, I did it in 2 and that took a lot of work and determination. One thing that suffered during this time my mental health! You would think friendships, work, and family life would suffer but it didn’t.

My friends know how important their friendships are to me and we maintained our friendships through regular texting and emails and date nights at my favourite “Milestones”. They helped me get through everything.

My teaching didn’t suffer. My students are everything to me. I still organized Jump Rope for Heart, organized the French and Aerobics Club, and organized several events at my school. My students were such a tremendous help.

My children, gotta love them were great but they are very young.  I still managed to take them to their soccer or swimming events, cook nice meals for them (although I slacked on the weekends!).

 At times my relationship with my family suffered because I had to teach all day and then had to hurry home to make dinner for them and then off to see a client. At times it was like a roller coaster ride but on the flip side, I ensured that their routine was always in place so as not to disrupt the progress I had made with them. (continued at Right...)


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So, on the surface all looks good right? The ultimate “Superwoman”!

Well I must admit that my personal and mental health didn’t look so good. I lost a lot of weight and became very sad. Although it seemed to be going well I didn’t have the strength to do everything.

That is when I turned to God to give me strength. I turned to God a lot during this time of mixed emotions. Doing so helped give me the strength to persevere and never give up. His words of encouragement and wisdom helped motivate me to pull through even though at times I felt I was never going to reach the top. It is through God’s grace that all things are possible.

Learning how to juggle takes a lot of talent and practice. I have learned, today, that although I seek a sense of accomplishment in all areas of life, I also need to focus on myself.

Today, I handle the stresses of everyday pressures not only by reflecting on all the hard work it takes to reach my goals, but also taking a moment to just breathe, reconnect with myself and endulge in “me” time.

I now make the time and enjoy a regular massage, a treatment at the spa, a quiet book or a calming tea. More importantly, reflecting on God’s word has really helped me feel at peace with all that I have coming my way. I have been transformed by God’s word.  I realize that my desire to cherish life as a wife, mother, teacher and business owner is a strong one, but my need to stay healthy and sane through it all is much stronger.

I still run a successful decorating and staging business, I am still a French teacher (my students love it!) and I am still a good mother to my children, and I try to be a good wife. All of this is accomplished through God’s grace!  

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