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Lee's Story:

The first thing I would like to tell you about my story is my real first name Deborah Lee. I always preferred to go by my middle name of Lee.

I also have a spiritual name which is Lyla. It was given to me by my angels and that is the name I use in my business. I will be using Lyla in this story as this story is about how my spiritual journey all began.

I’d like to take you back to my most vivid memory on my spiritual journey which was when I was 18 years old.  I was always aware of "feelings" and “knowings” growing up but unaware of what I should do with them. 

That year I was test driving this very "hot" aqua colored 1969 Mustang. I recall that while driving it I turned to my boyfriend at the time and said “if I buy this car, I know I am going to get into an accident with it!”  His reply of course was “don’t be ridiculous!”  I am sure most anyone would have given me that reply. 

Well, I chose to ignore that vision. The week after purchasing my hot new car I was on my way to work at the Niagara Falls hospital.  I had offered to look after one of my patient’s dog for a week while she was on a cruise with her husband and had her puppy in the car with me.

I was making my way down the scenic Niagara Parkway when all of a sudden I noticed that the puppy was chewing on my new suede fringed purse that was a Christmas gift from my Mother. In that split second I took my right hand off the wheel and leaned over to put my purse on the floor and then I heard a loud bang & realized I had crashed into a mighty strong & humongous tree

To my shock the whole front end of my car on the right side came through onto the floor of the passenger side. The poor dog was knocked to the floor then luckily bounced back up onto the seat on impact!  My head went through the windshield; I broke the steering wheel in half with my hand and crushed it with my chest. 

Now I have to bring in a little humour in at this point because being the 18 year old girl that I was I said “oh my God the radio is still working!” 

Needless to say my hot new mustang was a right off yet there were three blessings on that day.  Number one, I survived what could have been a fatal crash. Number two, I was only about 4 feet from the Niagara River and did not go into it!  Number 3, was that the car I traded in for that mustang was a little tiny Austin 1100 and if I'd still been driving I would not have lived to tell this story!

So thus my spiritual journey began, I shall now take you on that journey… as my visions expanded to working with the Angels. My first angel encounter happened around the summer of 1992 when I received my very first book on angels as a birthday gift from a friend. While on a week’s vacation at a favorite lakefront cabin I decided it was time to start reading the book in the peace and quiet of the quaint little cabin’s surroundings. 

Becoming completely absorbed in the information the book was telling me, I decided to meditate as per the book’s instructions to connect me with my very own angel. What happened next was the beginning of many years devoted to the study of angels. I began to see people’s angels and loved ones around them when conducting readings and healing sessions for clients and students.  (Continued at Right)


Along this journey I found Lily Dale New York the world's largest spiritual center, where I instantly felt at home due to the fact the town was filled with mediums and healers.  I rented a place there to be able to absorb all I needed to learn how to expand my intuitive abilities.  I took many  intuitive workshops, and attended the message and healing cirlces. Meeting wonderful mentors and friends along the way. I even was ordained in the woods just outside the gates of Lily Dale. 

From there I went on to teach many angel workshops, intuitive development classes, lectures and private consultations connecting people with their very own angels, as well as spirit guides and loved ones from the other side out of my home in Ontario.  

During this time I also channeled a CD to connect people with their angels. This was received while teaching an intuitive development class one night.  I have since developed a workshop to help gifted spiritual children and their parents so they will understand their children’s exceptional gifts. This workshop includes songs that I wrote and I am currently writing a book to go along with this exciting new workshop. I have also been guided to write another book on how to help people to open up their very own intuitive gifts.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been able to help so many people over the years and will continue to do so for many years to come

So that is the story of my journey to where I am now and where is that you might ask? Experiencing the fullness of life, while living in central Florida with my wonderful husband Jesse and continuing on my spiritual path of helping people, feeling very blessed to be here doing what I love best.

Thanks for listening. Lyla (Lee)

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Lyla is an internationally known Spiritual Clairvoyant-Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Spiritual Advisor, Intuitive Healer and Gifted Teacher who has been devoted to enhancing her gifts since she discovered them in her teenage years.  She has been referred to by many as the “angel lady” due to her divine connection with the angels. Lyla has been a guest on radio shows and television numerous times sharing the info she has on connecting with your angels, spirit guides and loved ones on the other side, as well as giving readings on the air. More meditation CDs, books and workshops to come for adults as well as children as Lyla continues to follow her spiritual path.


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