September 2012 WOW Gal Lindy Tefft

Lindy Tefft, MS

from  Surviving


 Lindy's WOW Story:

I was raised in a highly dysfunctional family that was physically and emotionally abusive, and extremely controlling.  Many years passed before I could admit to myself and others that I had experienced such ruthless abuse. I didn’t know that I had buried all the pain so deep inside. The challenge of critical health problems forced me to finally confront the devastating darkness within.

In spite of it all, somehow, I overcame the debilitating conditions of facial paralysis and agonizing bladder ulcers and was further blessed with a spontaneous overnight healing of a severe eye problem that I suffered from since birth.  Medical doctors informed me that I would be blind by the time I turned thirty.  But, as I conquered one obstacle, the next rough hurdle was already waiting to test my already strained resiliency. 

 For many years, I lived my life for the sheer purpose of basic survival. My parents did not allow me to follow my dreams. Desperately, I tried to keep up with their unrealistic and tediously exhausting expectations.

 As time went on, I acquired a tendency to attract relationships in which I felt obligated to give an inordinate amount, without expecting anything in return, just to feel loved and accepted.  The balance of give and take seemed completely foreign to me.  I was always the silent partner that was never heard, never paid, and yet worked harder than everyone else behind the scenes for years.

 Yet, I was blessed with so many talents and I was the only one not benefiting from them.  My life felt like a long dismal storm that I thought would never end.  I was constantly forced to face my worst fears over and over again in so many different ways. It took a very long time for me to finally realize that the universe was mirroring back my inordinate lack of self worth with a confidence that was extensively undermined.

 All of this wreaked shear havoc in my life. With few expectations and a strong desire just to survive, I found myself longing for true reality and was willing to do whatever it took to figure it all out.  With every ounce of courage, I worked diligently through the years to peel off layers and layers of conscious and subconscious fears, anger, emotions, and misconceptions.

 In this process of rebuilding myself, I slowly became aware of my personal power as I began to differentiate my own authenticity and finally realized that the most important element for soul survival is to live in the present moment with a sincere honesty of who you really are. 

 With this gut wrenching truthfulness, I began to attract more positive experiences into my life which directly affected everyone around me in such constructive ways. I relished the exhilarating thought that this glorious positivity emanating from each and every one of us could create a synchronicity of harmonized balance throughout the entire universe!

My excruciatingly intense search for authenticity forced me to leave so many ingrained preconceptions behind.  I became keenly aware of all the magnificent choices we are given each day that ultimately design the outcome of our lives.  The choice of being authentic and living in your own glorious truth is the real power that will ignite your life forever.

My personal saying is "Unconditional love is nutrition of the heart.  Self love is nutrition of the soul."  Continued at Right...

September 2012 WOW Gal Lindy Tefft

Open your
heart to possibilities
salutations to the stars in the sky
your emotional powers with ease
It’s the
courage that keeps you alive

the essence of who I am
With the
grace of your own individuality
the brilliance hidden within
all that we are meant to be

Take each
breath with the fire of passion
That was
born deep in your soul
all the wonders around you
Listen to
the silence that never grows old

Let the
dance of life flow in and around you
and sadness become just a bad dream
The past
fades into a distant illusion
And love
flows like a gentle stream

essence of life is all about love
through the heart of every soul
Like the
radiant, pure heart of a dove
Is the love
from the Eternal OM

Lindy Tefft, Copyright, 2010
Lyricist, Honored with a Billboard Award


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