Marcelle's Story:

As I begin, I ask you to open your hearts and minds as we ground together in The All Love. I am honoured to share with you my story: David was our first born son. He was born at the Grace Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario on May 31st 1988. He arrived at 2:26 a.m. weighing 7lb, 3 oz. As the nurse handed him over to me, we looked deeply into each others' eyes as our souls re-connected once again.

My son grew up so quickly, teaching by example to those of us around him who had eyes to see and ears to hear. I was one of his students of life. He had a normal life, always healthy with plenty of joy and innocence to pass around. 

Then, at the tender age of 7 everything changed. My son awoke one night from his sleep in pain. We brought him to the hospital for tests that night and were sent home with a reassuring prognosis of nothing abnormal or out of the ordinary having been found.

It was December of 1995 and life as we knew it would never be the same. Weeks passed and a pattern developed. It began every 4 weeks. David would be overcome with tremendous pain in his right leg. This pattern would then shorten to 3 weeks, then 2, and so on, until finally he could no longer stand it.

The excruciating pain had now shifted to different parts of his body. We then visited his pediatrician several times and had tests, blood work, and referrals to specialists. Again, the orthopedic surgeon said that he found nothing to explain this reoccurring pain. This innocent boy, our child, suffered for 5 months before being diagnosed with leukemia. 

It was May 23rd 1996 when my son's journey truly began. A journey of trust, hope, and faith; a journey that we as a family would all participate in and come out as better human beings in the process. This was David's teaching tool and path. 

It lasted 3 years with ongoing chemotherapy, radiation, a bone marrow transplant, and stem cells from his younger brother Samuel who became his donor.

All the while my son played hockey and baseball when his blood counts allowed. He went to school and participated in family gatherings and special events. He fought until the end or one could say until the beginning of his new soul journey, which began December 18th 1998.

When David ascended to that place that we call Heaven I too took a leap of faith into the unknown far beyond my comfort zone. This child's courage inspired me in ways that I could never completely convey. It taught me the true meaning of life; the Harmony of mind (ego), body and soul.

It made me understand that he lives on in others, in plants, in animals, a teardrop, a ray of sunshine. My loving son lives on in Oneness. I spend time with him each time I open my heart to his presence and for that I am grateful. 

David and his short,inspiring journey taught me to never give up my freedom or my knowing. He instilled the light of hope within me. No matter what the prognosis, I was never going to give up or give in to despair. There is always hope   Cont'd at Right...

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when we trust in goodness.At 10 years old this boy had mastered his fear of death−how? He knew that no one ever dies. Our body is a form that decomposes. However, our soul lives on infinitely.

My son remained always true to his trust in God's love and on his path of soul growth. In doing so he planted a seed, the seed of knowledge: That something lives beyond this reality; something that we can access here and now and live with simultaneously.That seed has germinated within me and I am now harvesting my fruit and planting a seed of my own.

Life is about choices. Each one of us chooses our own path, our destiny, our purpose, and our reality. Each one of us has our own perception. This perception is to be honoured and respected. I believe that everything is in constant motion and therefore continuously changing. I make it a good practice to re-evaluate my perception and choice often. 

While we may not be in control of exactly when. how and/or what will be instrumental in us leaving our physical body we are in control of and responsible for our own evolution and happiness. I can choose to remain heartbroken or to get up, clean myself off, and seek the light of God that resides within me.  I have chosen the latter because I now believe we are colour, sound, energy and we never die. Only matter dies Only our flesh decomposes.  Yet, as with my son,  our soul light goes back to its Source and lives eternally in All.

I still spend precious time with David only in a different way. I can smell, see, hear, touch, and feel him. My intuition alerts me to his presence and visits. Do I still miss the physical him? Of course I do. I miss the little boy that came from my womb. I miss his wisdom and his courage. I miss the leader that I followed−yes, a child−an old soul who enriched my life and shared his wisdom and was a true example of Inspiration! I miss his warm hugs.

Now, David allows me to grow, spread my wings, and soar. He cheers me on as I did for him in his moments of despair. You see I've learned that no one owns a child; we are all individual souls on our chosen paths.

Every day I am grateful for the 10 years together. For the growth and understanding that I gained while on my soul journey alongside this brilliant soul. I have learned to take time each day to honour, love, respect and ground myself as I enter my sacred heart space where everything is possible and miracles manifest−the miracles that I create with the choices I make.

I have learned to be the Victor rather than the Victim. I choose to live simultaneously in Heaven and Earth for they both reside within me. I am a balanced Human Being coexisting with my mind (ego), body, soul, and God. This is the continuous Gift of David being in my life!

Being blessed with this knowledge inspired me to write a book about David's life called: Awaken Your Spirit: Reconnecting to Your Source. It has become a gift that I share with others to inspire and empower self!  

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