Mary's Story:

The Mental Struggle

I was born and bred in a tiny village from one of the most rural mountainous parts of Lesotho. Growing was a very painful journey. Why? My family, like those around it, was poor. Poverty in itself is a huge pain. But, and it is a big one, there was a more serious and distressing pain and it was residing in mind – rent-free – and it is this: I had a huge inferiority complex. You could step on my toes and get away with it, and I daresay that a couple of people did just that! I was a bundle of nerves and confusion. My thoughts about myself were stinking. I regarded myself as useless and no good. This was deeply ingrained in my mind. In short, I had a pathetically low sense of worth. 

Let me share a story that highlights what I am talking about. One day I was in class, sitting on one end of a wooden bench that I shared with three of my class mates. I transferred the ire in my mind onto paper. I admonished myself and wrote “I am useless. I will never amount to much. I have these long ears and this funny forehead that makes me ugly, so ugly…”I wrote all these in the middle of a lecture. 

Suddenly, I had this odd feeling; a feeling that somebody was standing next to me and watching me. I stopped and looked up. Oh my word! I saw the huge intimidating figure of my teacher, reading everything that I had written! There was a hushed silence. The teacher took the piece of paper, and behold! He read it out loud in front of the class. Everyone broke into laughter as I squirmed in total embarrassment! 

The Light

You know what? The price tag that you put onto yourself is the same as what life will put onto you – a cruel sense of unfairness when it comes to my situation. My low self-esteem resulted in poor life choices. I got into a relationship that I should not have entered. My toe-stepping experiences have increased through time. I was belittled, abused, insulted and even beaten up. Because I needed some redemption, I developed a keen interest in physical exercise. It was one of the best ways to deal with mental stress.

 One day, as I was exercising while watching TV, I noticed a bald-headed guy, wearing a black T-shirt with the word “Yes” written boldly on it. The man uttered words that threw “tiny seeds of hope” in my stressed mind. He boomed in a loud and deep voice: “You too can be a victor not a victim. You can be better and not bitter. It is your choice!” As he concluded his message, he balled his hands into fists, punched them out in the air as he chanted, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” 

I did some deep reflections. Exciting thoughts continuously sparked in my mind such as, “Really? You mean I can be a woman of substance? Can I really stand out and be counted?” I was stirred into action. I started reading books written by this guy, attending his seminars, listening to his audios and more. 

This ignited a passion to learn and led   (Cont'd  at Right)

me to read more inspiring books by many of our top published influencers on how to be successful in all areas of  life.The Rebirth

I applied the principles that I learned. I took critical steps further and shared what I learned by volunteering to speak at other people’s workshops and conferences. Little did I know that by teaching others, I would be firmly concretizing loads and loads of valuable wisdom which I absorb on regular basis. 

To cut the story short, the woman that was nothing but a bundle of confusion and nerves gradually became a woman on a mission–a mission to transform and change lives! My calling was born, and it is to help people to magnify their greatness! 

To pursue this calling, in October 2005, I resigned from the corporate arena. I turned my back from tempting corporate benefits to start a consultancy company that would, amongst other things, motivate and inspire people. 

My sense of worth has gradually and continually formed an epic transformational boost! And to borrow the words of the bald-headed man, Mike Lipkin, who rescued me from my toxic thoughts, I can now “sing as if nobody is listening, dance as if nobody is watching and love as if I will never be hurt”! 

Where has the Rebirth taken me to?

It has been a long and gratifying journey of helping people to become the best of who they are. I received several awards for what I do. 

In a nutshell, I designed training/seminar/workshop programs and went a step further to facilitate them; I was invited to serve as a Public Speaker for corporate events; I wrote and published inspirational books. 

Taking on the challenge of self-empowerment has given me the experience that led to wisdom and now I lovingly pass these skills to others in everything I do. 

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