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Moira Bush

Moira's Story:

Life was pretty good in sunny South Africa where I was born, smugly thinking I was one of the lucky people who knew I had a life long purpose to help change impoverished communities in South Africa’s slums through personal and financial empowerment programs. Imagine my surprise when the one big project endorsed by Mandela’s family that would create income for 250 rural based families failed due to the funds being stolen. Overnight from being published in Newspapers as an inspiration to those less fortunate and being shortlisted for the South African Entrepreneur of the Year, I had become the unfortunate one with headlines in May 2001 reading:  Entrepreneur is facing financial ruin! 

This was not my first life crisis, God tried to get my attention once before at the end of 1999. One of those very rare brain viruses that went undetected by the family doctor had me waking up one morning paralyzed and I knew I was dying. I called my son who dashed up the road to the nearest doctor in our neighbourhood, Dr Howse, who would not normally be my first choice in an emergency as he had the reputation of being a bit wacky. He used Kinesiology to instantly diagnose the virus and gave me a shot that saved my life. He said there was no time to take blood tests to determine the type of medication needed as I had minutes left to live.  I remember at the time floating out of my body and watching this unusual doctor work on my lifeless body and the ashen face of my son.  While floating above the bedroom, I also noticed a nasty bit of cobwebs in the top corner of the ceiling and saying to myself, "when I get back into my body I really must remember to vacuum this lot up". 

Of course in hindsight now, I realize that the shock of death was supposed to be my wake-up call to do life differently. Since I only half listened and after the illness pretty much went back to the same routine, same beliefs, same people, same projects - the universe had to catch my attention a second time. And you know the thing you fear losing the most is where God tends to get you to take notice. The second time I lost all my possessions and money. My home, car, my son had to be taken out of his school and my business reputation in shatters.  I was bankrupt. 

Reacting, being angry, blaming the thief for stealing the funds, none of that worked or resolved the fact that almost everything I identified my life by was gone and I was in a dark tunnel with no way out. At the time in South Africa if you were white you could not be employed, so going back to a job was not an option. I decided to ask God (whom at this point I thought hated me so much and would not bother to answer…) what was the next step. My fiancé Peter at that moment walked into the room and said ‘we have to go to England’. Nothing in me wanted to live in England. I loved South Africa, but I heard myself saying, "Ok, how do we make that happen?"  We got married, he was English, and within 9 months I had immigrated to England. 

Once there I found work in an organization that helped women get off the welfare system and started them up in their own businesses. I started as a training officer and within 3 months was promoted to management. There I developed and wrote their training programs and created a team of trainers. 

At this point dear readers you probably think, "ok, so she ended up doing the same community work she did in South Africa, only now in England, what on earth was the point of all the hectic death and financial drama stuff to change countries if Moira ends up doing exactly the same thing?" Cont'd at Right...

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the hectic death and financial drama stuff to change countries if Moira ends up doing exactly the same thing?"

I have to confess here, there is one little weird thing I started doing in South Africa soon after my cobweb-death moment, I went to see a blind tarot reader, the most frightening thing I ever did. I was bought up in a conservative religion and feared anything esoteric. The reader’s name was Margaret Ring and she said I would one day live in England and be a healer. I was to start practicing at the local Spiritualist church run by Marjory Bray. I went along because my dead grandmother also started appearing in my room at night and all the weirdness was beginning to feel out of control. Marjory was this tiny kind woman, 80 years old who took me under her wing and taught me to meditate, do hands-on healing and release fears around the energies I could feel and see yet did not understand at the time. 

So back to the story time-line.There I was in England leading a double life pretty much as I did in South Africa, by day a corporate successful training manager working on a million pound projectfor the government, and by night I would sneak away to the tranquility of the Spiritualist’s group. I was not comfortable for the two worlds to meet fearing judgement from my work peers and family. At the same time deep within me, I knew I had been bought to England for a bigger reason. 

Peter and I did not have a good marriage. However, He was very interested in colour therapy as he could see people’s auric colours around their bodies. He signed up for a workshop on colour being presented – wait for it – by a South African woman called Melissie Jolly!  Well of course I had to join in, not because I had any interest in colour (that was Peter’s field), just because it was a weekend away in a hotel hoping to rekindle some romance in our marriage and chat to a fellow South African. Once I walked into the room and saw Melissie and her colour bottles, I just knew the big moment in my life – the moment I nearly had to die for and become bankrupt for and change countries for – had finally arrived. It was also the end of Peter’s soul contract with me, which was to bring me to the UK and to colour, and our marriage ended gently. 

Colour had all the answers. It showed me how to bridge my corporate life with my spiritual beliefs, how to let go of a marriage with love that no longer served me, how to learn to love myself and appreciate and value every person and experience. Each little magic bottle of colour opened new doors within me awakening dormant cellular memories that led me to living a conscious life where in everything I say, do, think and feel is done with great respect. Where I know that life presents you in every moment a choice, you either fight it right or you love it right. 

For 15 years I trained with Melissie, becoming her business partner and setting up distribution businesses for Colour Mirrors across the world. So how did Moira end up in Canada I hear you ask? Well, six years ago at a time when I had finally accepted myself unconditionally, my dark and my light side, my path crossed that of Paul, a Canadian who waited patiently for me to be ready to immigrate yet again. This time I know for sure that I don’t know anything really about my purpose or why I was guided to being in Canada, I have learned that God has a plan far grander than I can imagine and I simply need to turn up each day, say yes to what presents and enjoy the ride. 

Moira’s website is full of free content that explains how Colour Therapy works. She does in person and distance readings which she records onto a USB stick for you. Highly recommended are the short video courses (5 minutes lessons) that offer a taster of the type of transformation you can expect when you connect with this spiritual teacher and entrepreneur. Moira is a star of SourceTV, a platform for international Thought Leaders, Transformational Coaches and Metaphysical Teachers. Moira has also written a set of 44 Colour Oracle Cards and a booklet and publishes monthly free readings on her YouTube channel. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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