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My childhood was one of much chaos and abuse so I have always preferred to be in the background  more, sometimes  even  invisible.  I never dreamed  I would ever be  an author  having to put myself  out there for the  world to  see  in  order  to promote anything.  Yet sometimes  the  universe  has other plans  and now I am  willing  to  step  outside  of  my  comfort  zone  in order to do what ever it takes  to get these messages out into the hands of children  who truly need to know it is okay to be different, have different families and to learn valuable coping skills for both the Highest Good of them and the world as a whole. 

I was born in Georgia U.S.S.R and came to Canada when I was four years old.  My husband Esfandiar was born in Iran and immigrated to Canada in 1987.
Our  two  children  Shanaz and Jean-Diar  both  have partners who also have  diverse ethnic backgrounds.

My husband and I are now very proud grandparents.  Our daughter Shanaz and future son-in-law  Brandon welcomed their first child on March 2nd of this year. His name is Lukenzo Kal Correia. 

Our  beautiful  little  Luka  has   a  mix   of  Georgian, Persian, Jamaican and Guyanese. This unique mix is a perfect recipe and is the reason why I was inspired to write my children’s book series. I wanted books my grandchildren  and  the future generation  could  read that  showcased   multicultural   diverse  families  like ours. 

There  so  many  children  in the world now that have diverse  families  and   there still   aren’t  any   books that represent them. At the end of the day we are all Honeycakes, we all have a little bit of spice in us.

When  my  daughter  Shanaz found out  that she was pregnant I was so excited that I was going to become a  grandma. So much so  that  in  honour of  my  own grandmother,  my  Bebi,   I started  to  bake  a  honey cake—a  traditional   Jewish  cake   from   my  native Georgia which is typically baked for  Rosh Hashanah and  other  special  celebrations.  It wa s a  full  circle moment for me because  my Bebi  taught me  how to make a honey cake when I was a young girl.

The correlation of the cake to my grandchild-to-be lay in the  mix of  different spices,  which  I  realized  was much  like the mix of different ethnicities in my family. There are  all these  different spices  in a honey cake, like cinnamon,  cloves,  and  nutmeg, and  here is my grandson  with all these  different mixes of ethnicities. As I was baking,  I realized  that he  was going  to be my little Honeycake,  which gave  me  the idea of the name for the series I was now envisioning.

The first book that flowed from me  was a story about acceptance   and   celebrating   the   many   different backgrounds   that  make  us  unique.   Just  like  the spices  in   a  honey  cake,   our  different  ethnicities blended  together,  create  the  single  beautiful entity that is humanity,  which adds flavour to life! Shedding light on what makes us  unique  and  different  brings compassion,   understanding   and  positivity  to  the darkness. 

At the end of the book there is a recipe for readers to follow so they can make their own honey cake.

With all  the negativity  in this day  and  age,  I feel it’s very  important  to create  books  with a more positive message to help caregivers   teach children to accept others, help children to become more balanced, kind, grateful and honest.  Books to help  children manage their  emotions  when  things  don’t  go  the  way they hoped. I always say there is... Cont'd at Right
no  such  thing  as  winning or  losing,   there is only winning.   You   win   when  you  reach the goal  you wanted   to    achieve   or   you  win   by  learning  a  very   valuable   lesson.   It’s   all  about perspective  and   how   you   look   at   things.    Giving children  these  tools   at   an  early age  will  help them grow  into    happy    and    fulfilled    adults    that    aren’t stressed  out,   but  live  in  harmony  with a healthy mind, body, and spirit. 

When I left  the corporate world  to become  a Reiki master, I never looked back.  I knew that this is what I was  put  on  earth  to  do.   Because  of  my Reiki training  I  am  committed  to  my  personal  growth, healing and living my best life and to inspire others to do the same. This is what I teach my clients on a daily  basis.   So,  transitioning   into   a  writer  and sharing the same lessons and tools to children was seamless for me. 

My books,  and my career change was not planned. The universe showed me the way, so I had to follow my instinct, and I’m so glad I did.   I feel like a totally different person  and I see things  in such a different perspective.   I actual never thought  about writing a children’s  book  or  a  series.   A  few  months  after finding out I was going to become a grandmother to a  beautiful  soul  that  is  mixed  with many different ethnic  cultures,   I woke up one day  and the words and stories started to pour out of me. 

The fact  that  I  have no formal training  as  a  writer didn’t  stop  me  from  trying.   I  always   wanted  to write my  biography  someday,  later down the road, because I’ve had so many hardships in my life that I had to overcome.   But I never  had any intention on writing—especially not a children’s book series. But the  universe  sent  me  a  sign,  and  the messages were  in  me  to share, and they simply had to come out.   I wrote five books in four days,  I couldn’t stop. Clearly the universe had something planned. 

Like   I’ve  previously   stated,   I  never   set   out  to become  a  writer,  so  I  had no clue what to do with the  stories I’ve written  and  how I was going  to get them published. 

The  biggest  challenge I had to face was, fear: Fear of  failure,   and  fear  of  the financial impact  on my family since I was independently  publishing my own books.   As I was facing  my fears  I  remembered  a quote by the late and great Maya Angelou;

 “Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay.” 

So,  I  released  my  fears  and choose hope.  I’m so glad  I  did because my books have been welcomed with  open  arms  and  I’ve  received   such  positive feedback from so many people. The most rewarding experience has been the outpour  of messages  I’ve been  receiving  from  people around the world.  I’m  beyond grateful and so happy to see that my books are making a positive impact. 

Life  will have challenges.  Just like a heart beat  〰️〰️〰️ there are ups and downs. If you want  your  life  to  always  be the same in a straight line ——  then  its  a  flat  line  which  means  you're dead!  My point of this message is...  Don't give up!  Hold onto Hope!
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