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"You’ll never work again”  was  what  I  was told when I was diagnosed  with Crohn’s disease  when I was only  19 years old. I was in pain for over six months before the diagnosis. It was devastating  to me  as I couldn’t  see myself  being sick for the rest of my life. I was still so young. 

I remember  after eating  my breakfast  of cereal  and  a big glass  of   milk,  keeling  over  in  abdominal  pain  and  then having to run  to the bathroom  to relieve  myself.  It seemed like I never felt relief.  You know I  counted how many bowel movements  I’d  have  in  a day  and  it  turned out  to  be 38 movements,  which  included  getting up  eight times  a night. I was  exhausted  all the time, obviously  from  lack  of sleep but also no nutrients getting into my system.

In  the  beginning, I  also  didn’t  get  any  support   from  my family. I was called a liar by a specific  family member,  who then  told  everyone  that he never said that.  And  my family followed suit  treating  me  as  if I  was  just  being  a drama queen.  I was depressed  and  I  was  alone  in  my  journey to wellness.  

It took many years  before I decided  to stop beating myself up and start working on my own health  instead of feeling so sorry  for  myself.  At age 24  my specialist  and doctor had me on  eight different medications.  One for the Crohn’s and the others were for all the side effects that were brought on  by  the  previous  medication.  It  was  then  that  I said  “no more”, the medications were worse than the illness. 

When I was  32 years old I chose  to  start looking  towards people  who  actually  loved  me.  It  was  then,  in 2002, my gastroenterologist stated that my Crohn’s  had disappeared. I  still  suffered  with  cramps,  many  loose  stools,  and  the myriad of discomfort  that is  Crohn’s disease,  but I  had no label to put on it anymore. 

I decided to quit smoking, start  exercising. I started jogging  to replace  my cigarette habit,  and  people  were stupefied  that  I would choose  something that’s so hard on the lungs.  But  I felt it  was  the  same  pain so  why not.  My life  was improving slowly but surely  and at 35-years old I finally met someone who loved me for me, anxiety and all. 

We got married late, when I was already 37 years old. I had always  wanted to  have children  and  I couldn’t  see my life without  having  the   big  Christmases  with  too  many  kids opening gifts  and fighting over  who got what. I  dreamed of being  able  to  parent  my  children  with  empathy  and self empowerment. 

We tried  for three years,  like clockwork.  Each month while I was ovulating we’d do the deed. As expected, sex became monotonous,  but  the  pressure  of  trying  to  have  a  child  and  one  never coming  for  us was more than devastating.  Our relationship was suffering,  our  intimacy  was suffering  and I was getting older and older. 

We found  ourselves  at the  fertility clinic right after I turned 40, and  we were  told  numerous reasons why  we  weren’t conceiving.  Aside now from being old as a female,  Crohn’s disease  is a  major contributing factor for infertility. I always knew  that  I may not  have  children,  but I still  couldn’t see my life without them. 

It was right after I turned 42 years  that we were finally able to  do  our  first  in-vitro fertilization  (better  known  as IVF). Needless to say, it did not work.  We found out  that we had produced only  three  embryos  and t hey were of extremely poor  quality.  Only one  of them  looked as if it might have a chance,  but I was  already 42  and  reproductive health just doesn’t get better. I just did not want to give up. 

We decided  to  try again.  That was when  I started reading every book I could on increasing fertility. If I really wanted to have  a  family I had  no  choice  but  to jump  full in.  All the books I read had one common thread. It was nutrition. I  got rid of  the  bad  chemicals  not  meant  for  my  body, added whole  foods, stayed  away  from  refined  foods,  then tried superfoods to enhance hormones, and more — I did it all. 

I signed up  at the Canadian School  of Natural Nutrition and I studied hard  as we continued with our next IVF treatment. 

Still at  42  years old,  after  six full months  of changing our dietary habits,  some exercises, clean water sources, living  stress-free, we did it again. The doctors  were stupefied by our results.  At 42 years of age,  we went  from three  poor quality  embryos  to 10  medium  and high quality embryos,  and  they  all  lived  overnight.  Most  of  the  doctors didn’t  believe  in  holistic  health,   just the luck  of  the draw,  and they all asked  what was I doing?  No female at the age of  42  ever   improved  her  quality   of  embryos.  They  were dumbstruck  and  still so very happy for us. We transferred back  four  embryos  and  were  surprised  two weeks later when  the  pregnancy  test  came  back  positive.  Our lives had changed. 

Unfortunately  however,  the baby didn’t live past 10 weeks. We found out at 12.5 weeks that there was no heartbeat. It was a long haul  for us to repair  our  desperate feelings of loss. 

We did try again  and it took  another year. I was 43 at that time and  we were  healthier  than ever,  following the same dietary  regime.  We  added  a few  more nutrients  for me, and we ended up  producing five beautiful embryos, all high quality;  so high in fact,  the doctors took them  to the stage called blastocyst,  leaving them outside  of the  body to see which ones  were the best to put back.  We were told, “it is unheard of  to take a 43-year-old  woman’s embryos  to the blastocyst  stage.”  But the quality  was so remarkable that they could.  We  had  defied  the odds  of  hormonal health. But alas, we never got pregnant again. 

We  have  learned  to  live  happily  “child-free”  and  I  am currently  continuing  my nutrition  by practicing and sharing my  story  of  how  nutrition  can  help  with  hormones, gut health, and weight management. 

Today  I  can  control  my  gut  health  without  the  use  of medication  and  any  symptoms  of Crohn’s  disease  only rears its ugly head  when I choose  unhealthy foods.  I  am using my knowledge of which foods work for me and which don’t  and am on the right supplementation regime  for me. I  became  an  C.H.N.C. Holistic  Nutritional  Consultant  in 2015 and can’t see my life without good nutrition. 

Now  I help women  overcome hormonal issues that cause weight gain  by using a whole foods program. It is  a joy to encourage  others  in  recognizing   their  own  health  and potential  to be  whatever they want,  while  moving toward their own goal of optimum wellness. It’s been proven to me that nutrition  is  the  staple  of health  and  I am  educating people on how important it is for them. It’s funny how it was the  threat  of infertility  that drove me  to see  my vision of serving  others  and  not  even  my own  illness. I  feel truly blessed.
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