Norma Lizotte


Joy in the Community

With the unexpected arrival of the pandemic many things changed. Daily life took on a whole new look: social distancing; wearing masks; continuous washing of hands; working from home; being alone; not seeing family or friends; isolation; shortage of food and supplies (ex. toilet paper) curbside pickup. Covid-19 affected everyone's lives.

What did it mean to me?  After 25 years working for the same company, I started working from home for a few months. Then I had a heart attack. The pandemic slowed me down… the heart attack stopped me in my tracks.

After several months of recovery and rest I made the decision to retire. I absolutely love retirement.

I start every day with a grateful heart for all the blessings in my life. I choose to live in the moment and make each moment count.

One of the new things that I started to do is sidewalk chalk art. It all started when my grandchildren came for a visit at Eastertime. I hadn't seen them for months because of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders.

Easter looked very different. No big family dinner around the table and no big hugs. Luckily it was a beautiful warm spring day. We stayed outside 6 feet apart.

The pandemic changed a lot of things but not our love, our joy of finally being together, our laughter and fun.

I took out a big box of sidewalk chalk and asked my 11-year-old granddaughter if she wanted to colour on the sidewalk. "Yes!" was her answer. So began a new adventure for me. I hadn't coloured on the sidewalk since I was a child.

We had so much fun creating artwork that my 15 and 16-year-old grandchildren joined in the fun. Even the adults chose to join us. What really touched my heart was when my 16-year-old grandson wrote, "Thank you all essential workers!"

I knew sidewalk chalk art was a great way to add colour to the neighbourhood while inspiring others with positive messages. Chalk comes in so many beautiful colours!

I started creating art as an ongoing fun project. Weather permitting, I was outside on my hands and knees chalk in hands.

It seems that most of my neighbours have dogs. While they are out on the sidewalk they stop and read my daily "messages".

During a time of not being able to see my family and friends, I was connecting with strangers. I always say, "There are no strangers in life, just friends I haven't met yet!" 

I got to know my neighbours. Everyone started talking to me and introducing themselves. Still social distancing, they started sharing how my sidewalk art was helping them, making them smile, giving them something positive to think about.

People of all ages, young and old, started coming by daily to see what was "new" on my sidewalk. Some took photos, some took videos, some put my artwork on social media.

One day, a truck driver stopped, got out of his big transport truck and came to me to see if I was okay. After all, what he saw was a 65-year-old woman on her hands and knees down on the sidewalk.

When he asked me if I was okay, my response was, "Yes! I'm having fun! I had to find something "positive" to do during the pandemic stay-at-home order." He gave me a big smile got back in his truck and drove away.

Another person shared with me that he was going through a bad depression. His family was telling him to snap out of it, but he couldn't. Then he told me how much my sidewalk art was helping bring hope and joy into his life.

How something as simple as a little piece of chalk can really make a difference in another person's life. AMAZING!!!

Another day, I received a beautiful floral arrangement with a card that read, "Just a little gift to say thank you for being a wonderful neighbour that constantly brings Joy to the neighbourhood with your artwork and games for the children (and adults).”  Signed the neighbours and a Happy Face.  I never did find out who the anonymous sender was.

Since discovering my new passion for sidewalk chalk art I have given boxes of chalk to my mother, my adult children and my grandchildren. Everyone is having fun drawing with chalk - even my mom!

Humm... What will I draw today?


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