Odetta's Story:

Having a career as a Hair Stylist, I "Made love to hair" for 19 years. With a heart to accentuate the hair's natural configuration, I worked with the philosophy that if you treat your hair well, your hair will be happy and manageable in return. Regular nurturing will tame your waves, Smooth your pin straights, and put the bounce back in those curls.

In 2007 I opened my beloved "Adonis Salon Boutique" A unique contemporary Euro style hole-in-the-wall hair salon with a sweet boutique shopping opportunity. Loaded with special finds; hand made creations and pretty sparkly things, flowing dresses and stuff you knew you would never find again. 

"Ever Changing", "Ever Evolving". This became my platform to expand my skills. I worked hard to bring a true sense to the word "Stylist". Designer and Creator of my Salon Boutique, I worked as a consultant on various decorating projects, wedding styling, merchandising and coordinating events such as art openings, fashion shows and event parties.

One sunny day on a simple street stepping off a simple curb, my  life changed. A broken foot to a hairdresser is a life changing event. The injury was long lasting and the recovery even longer. Working on a non weight bearing injury for two months, caused muscle tension and further physical misalignments. A hiked up shoulder, a tilted hip, out turned foot and neck pain that just wouldn't quit. So the search for therapy and healing began.

Through months of Yoga and massages I happened upon a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner in Costa Rica that changed everything. Relaxing and allowing my tight contracted muscles to be  Cont'd at Right...


stretched and moved, offered such deep release that I was hooked.

Desiring to offer this therapy to others suffering with ongoing issues of muscle tension that causes physical misalignments, I got to work.

I found Moksha Yoga St. Catharines in 2012 through searching the city for a studio that would welcome and allow me to work slowly through my injury.

Since, I have studied, practiced and received my Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner's Certification. Now, as a body worker, I enjoy treating a range of clients; those recovering from injury, post birth moms, and people suffering from repetitive strains. This new, yet age-old way of healing and wellness, helps to release the body to move freely and without pain. The process has been most enriching and enlightening.

I am grateful to Moksha Yoga St. Catharines for welcoming me through the door of healing and become a full time staff member since January 2015.

Here I  play the role of Membership Advisor at MYSC, welcoming ensuring that clients get the most out of their sessions. My personal experiences and dedicated practice welcome inquiry from those who are new to this lifestyle and  to those who have already spent some time on their mat.

While I can still visit my first love as a hobby now...my "accidental2nd career I love as much...maybe more.

You can connect with Odetta Lorimer via her websiteMoksha Yoga St. Catharines or on Facebook,  


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