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Pushpa's Story:

 “Change is the law of nature— change from sum¬mer to winter, from spring to fall, from the light of the full moon to the darkness of the new moon. Neither pain nor pleasure lasts forever”. Bhagawad Gita

Some people are born knowing what they want to do or become in life. For others it becomes a journey of experiences that lead them to their true vocation… I am one of the lucky ones. I found mine.  It wasn’t always that way though.

I have crossed three continents, climbed through the difficulties, experiences and joys of different careers. I have learned and co-created with family, friends and colleagues, especially with my two lovely sons to reach where I am now.  My boys are my pride and joy. They are the greatest reason to strive for the best, adapt and change. To live the life to it’s fullest.

I often questioned, “Does every child have to grow in a pre-determined societal mould to survive?”  For me, growth has had only one meaning, ‘adaptation’. Coming from an academic family, and not having the same aptitude for math and sciences as my siblings; ‘adaption’ for me meant allowing myself to be different and pursuing my own dreams.

I spent many happy hours daydreaming and reading books absorbed in the stories and psyches of the characters.  I wondered what it would be them and if I could face the same challenges.  Mostly I read the English literature and felt a very strong connection with these characters.  In fact when I arrived in England, I almost immediately went to see the moors and Bronte sister’s home in  West Yorkshire,a short distance from my new home.  

Together with my husband I started my life in England and became a business owner.  Surprisingly and unexpectedly I found myself always talking to young Asian girls who would come to my store and spend time with me. They would tell me what was on their mind and just found my store a nice place to chat.  I didn’t know in those days that I was their agony aunt.  I just felt honoured that these girls had trust in me.  They wanted someone who could understand them. To recognize and empathize with them. It wasn't easy to be Asian in an English environment with cultural restrictions at home.

It became a very bumpy road when one very sad day I found myself widowed with two young boys. I had no choice but to sell my business in order to take care of my children. 

I have always been very fortunate in having wonderful family and friends and other people to help me throughout my journey.   They are like gems in my tapestry of life.  Yet, there was one part of me that angrily argued with that thought. “How could that be?”    I have been promised that he (my husband) would always be with me…  “So why has he abandoned us?” 

I then started my quest for the truth.  In Hindu scripture it is said that the soul comes back after thirteen days.  “How can that be possible?”  I read everything available to me on the Spiritual and Metaphysical, attended seminars and talks, sat in development and healing circles and meditated. Slowly, I learned the nature of time. There is no time in the other realms. It’s neither linear nor measured in earth time. 

One day I picked up the spiritual writings from my mother’s alter where it read, “God’s one minute could be as long as 1000 earth years”.  It was a light bulb moment. I started practicing “thought is deed”, and recognized that in this loving universe we are all connected and have freedom to make choices.  I also recognized that it’s not so much the ‘choice’ that matters. It's more how I take on the full responsibility  and consequences of choice and self-made circumstances that matters; the law of ‘karma’. 

Although I will always be on my quest to know more about it; It was through this epiphany I made perhaps the most profound decision of my life.  I decided to be a student and observer of this process of grief.  I decided that I would challenge every common belief I had about pain and grief.  I saw my husband’s life as a prayer: his love for everyone and family; his dignity and integrity; his always smiling in the face of adversity.  It became my mission to help people with their emotional pain. 

A year later I managed to dispose of my business and returned to school full time.  Cont'd at right...


Five years later I held an Honours degree in Business Computing and a Masters degree in ‘Education’.  Through night school courses I continued to gain more technical experience.I also became a certified Reflexologist and Aromatherapist and became well versed in Bach Flower Remedies.  I found myself teaching ‘A’ levels for nearly a decade in a high profile college in England. It was a very fulfilling and challenging time of my life.

Even though many intuitive and mediums and one in particular, (she is now my dear friend) had told me to watch for that special someone, I ignored the messages for six years, at which point I could wait no longer.  There he was with all the attributes I was looking for in a partner...the very attributes I had once wrote down on paper and hid in my cupboard.

One evening when we were engaged in our ‘philosophical discussions’ (his words) the room just spun around me.  I was in a scene with him which was real to me, and it lasted for over half an hour.  The impact left me weak for three days.

I later learned that it was a scene from one of my lifetimes with him.  I didn’t know I had just opened my own Akashic Records and this previous lifetime was shown to me to help me understand our relationship. We are married for 10 years now and our relationship is continuously evolving positively.

There was again big change in store for me when I decided to be near my mother and move to Canada.  It was important for me to look after her.  To leave a good job with relative security for a new life, new country with many uncertainties was not a decision made lightly or quickly.  The economic downturn had seen to the demise of many jobs and careers.  I went back to school to gain Canadian qualifications and experience, even volunteered. Still, with all my experience, skills and qualifications I found myself unemployed.

I recognized that this was now my chance to live my decision to help people in their emotional pain.  I had been planning and preparing for this all my life.  I kept on with my learning and became an EFT Matrix Reimprinting Expert, Meta Health practitioner,  Master Trainer in NLP, Mental and Emotional Release work as well as an Akashic Records Reader. Tapping into whichever of these modalities would be the most beneficial in a session, I began to help people peel away layer after layer in order to get to their previously hidden core issue. With them gently and directly focusing upon the issue I could then help them shift their attachments to the issues and gain insight in the process.

I love demonstrating the ability to be a student first – always learning and questioning- and a teacher second;  consistently reflecting back to deep truths about the state of our emotions and beliefs and the movement of energy in the physical body that are difficult to see on our own. My goal always, with this inner guidance - a connection of mind, body and spirit, is to gently move my clients out of suffering to a place where they begin to feel surprisingly calm and confident and enjoy feeling light, playful, eager, and curious again. Helping them to ‘let go and grow’!

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