Rula  Morcos


MOBILE Notary Public

 Rula's Story:

My dream of becoming a criminal lawyer to fight wrongful convictions was not easy from the start.

I came from a background with no lawyers in the family.

Then my attempts to be admitted to law school in North America were not successful and, thus, I went to England to study law.

That was a very difficult experience as I had no family or friends there. Not only was it hard to make friends, being extremely focused on school,  it was very expensive, and the educational system was very difficult.

Just taking the first step was harder than anything I had ever done up until then and I basically had to force myself to make this difficult decision; to go study abroad and leave my home, my friends, my family. 

Yet I faced my fears and took the leap. I had to trust that this was a choice to better my future and expand my horizons.

I wanted to quit many times. However, through the help of prayer and encouragement from loved ones, I succeeded and realized my dream when I became a lawyer. 

I am glad I went through those difficult times and stuck by my decision. I have had a diverse and expansive educational and professional background and my business is growing more and more each year.

I did some criminal law for a short period of time and hope to return to that area one day, however life sometimes takes you on another path.

Trusting that I was being led I moved into something that has surprisingly brought me a wonderful sense of Continued at right...


another path.

Trusting that I was being led I moved into something that has surprisingly brought me a wonderful sense of joy and satisfaction.  

At this time I am working as a notary public and commissioner of oaths, offering mobile services and 24/7 appointments. This unexpected detour turned out to be something I enjoy immensely. I help people regularly and I find this very fulfilling. 

It is truly an honour to serve others in this way and something I would never have even thought of doing at the time I made my original decisions and moved beyond my fears.

 Rula B Morcos


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