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Roxsane's Story:

The Rio 2016 Olympics and the September Paralympics have taken place. Talk about WOW Gals. Imagine those athletes’ journey. They inspire me to contemplate mine. I’m presenting myself an Olympian Gold Medalist as a Spiritual Warrior. My heart is learning to wear this medal. I share my story in the hopes you will see your championship too. 

I experienced a difficult childhood environment.  There was a lot of violence and arguing.  My body kicked into a protection mode, freezing every cell of my body and used the fawning mode to please people endlessly. That response imprisoned me in fear building a high concrete block wall of self-doubt and mistrust of others - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Breaking down this blockade became my sport.  The training began…

My dreams are my guides and they speak to me and tell me many things.  One thing that was said stuck to me for some time – ‘I am the author of my own imprisonment’.
I needed to open the door.

The path I chose for this life – and we do choose -  led me to learn to please myself first and then please others. 

Education/Knowledge brings power and I wanted to feel powerful. My instinctive self resists formalized structure. Making a “To-Do” list I’d lose the list. This made attending school extremely difficult. The All knew this and blessed me with a good brain which allowed me to achieve superior grades in spite of my truancy and challenging home-life. With blood and sweat of working several part-time jobs and tears of exhaustion, loneliness and frustration I earned an Honors B. A. in Psychology from Brock University debt free while being self-supporting since the age of seventeen.

I accomplished my degree yet the fear belief was still evident with an undertow affecting my life. 
Upon graduation I held several prominent counselling position with various agencies and educational establishments working with disadvantaged youth. I could relate with their experience. They felt my compassion, set a success plan and gained their preliminary ribbons with gainful employment. Praise and recognition was given to me and my career began to soar. The attention was too much for my imprisoned self. The wall began to crumble but I wasn’t ready. My fear of success subconsciously triggered my body to refreeze with a disease called Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease (SEID).  An illness previously known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

Becoming well was now my full-time job. Doctors, specialists, diagnostic testing, insurance companies, alternative healers, physical therapy and recuperation filled my days. How can I help myself get better? Get back to work?  Deep self-exploration – with the help of a wonderful therapist - and elimination of negativity and toxicity within my life was a huge portion of the answers. This was harsh. It meant letting go of people and things I loved. Yummy food that tasted delicious but were not aiding my rehabilitation, clearing my use of chemicals, cleaning agents, certain fabrics of clothing and hygiene products were switched to scent and toxin free varieties. I withdrew from beloved family and friends who were draining me with their judgements and inability to accept a new me.  It was as if I were a baby starting life over experimenting with which foods, materials and people I could tolerate and help me feel better aiding my growth and wellness. This was a very difficult process.

With courage and perseverance I learned everything I could about healthy living and incorporating those ways into my life. Slowly, painfully, gaining some health stability I explored many interests of future careers with music, theatre, writing and being a life-long learner completing numerous courses too many to list here. I benefit from them all, focusing on my certification as a Kolbe Specialist – a personal measuring tool of instinctive traits each of us hold affecting our daily interactions and a certified Belief Closet Practitioner – which is an efficient method of removing old beliefs that interfere with your life and replacing them with beliefs that support your progress, evolution, success and happiness.
I was given a gift of a Reiki treatment – a therapeutic / relaxation technique using our life energy to be the best person we can be. My big hearted Reiki Master / Practitioner Cont'd at Right...

became my teacher and I received the highest level in Shiki Ryoho from her and then was introduced to Komyo ReikiDo - Hyakuten Sensai and after four (4) levels earned the designation of a “Shihan” which means teacher in Japanese and finding my true passion as a Healer.

In 2010 I decided to start my own private practice “The HeaLthy Self” – to help others with their healing. The decades with the hurdles of training, trials, losing and winning cleared my path breaking down that cement wall opening my heart to give, receive and be grateful for the goodness of life.  

Joyfully in August 2016 I launched All ReiKids Rise that introduces children to their wonderful self.  I feel it is important to children they feel worthwhile and loved and loving themselves is a very good start in life. 
 Healthy Kids = Healthy Adults. My aim is having children recognize and believe in their personal power enriching their lives for success both personally and professionally whether that is dancing, singing, swinging a hammer, looking under a microscope, flying an airplane, driving a bus . . . whatever brings joy.

I am still in the process of making positive changes in all areas of my life.  I choose love and flow easily allowing new experiences, challenges and new people who enter my life be a part of my journey.

I feel “Golden” as a Spiritual Warrior – “Being” not just living.  The next Olympics 2020 I hope my new mission / business vein All ReiKids Rise will also meet the Olympic calibre.

I bless you on your journey for your medal. May your heart wear it proudly.

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