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The Gifts of Healing...

It was summer of 2006. I was in my mid-twenties and working at a design firm in Chicago. I loved the job but one day noticed that I didn’t feel so good anymore. Out of nowhere my stomach was on fire and churning. “I must have picked up some sort of bug,” I thought to myself. It was the end of the day so I was looking forward to returning home and getting some rest. But as the weeks wore on, I realized this particular “bug” was here to stay… 

Day after day I felt worse. My energy had weakened and I could barely keep my eyes open. “I just need more rest, I’ve got to take it easy,” I thought to myself.  Bags began to form underneath my eyes even though I slept at night. I even napped after work but couldn’t seem to get enough rest.  When I looked in the mirror, I swore my hazel eyes looked black. And though I was eating, food went right through me. My family and friends began to tell me how sick I looked. The day I hit rock bottom was while I was sitting at my desk typing. I could actually feel strains of my own hair breaking off from the top of my head. Not just one or two, or two dozen. But many, many strands. Breaking right off from my scalp. 

I finally went to the doctor and got a physical but everything came back completely normal. Although I was only 26-years old and otherwise healthy, I felt like I was living inside a progressively aging body. “Sounds like a thyroid problem,” I was told by one specialist. But after I passed my screening in that area, I was referred to another doctor. “It’s IBS. You can take a pill to help you manage it.” But I didn’t want to do that. Something inside told me I didn’t need that sort of treatment. What it came down to was my body was going through a major crisis. And my supposed “IBS” was one of MANY issues affecting my body. 

The last doctor I saw told me that he thought my physical issues were just “all in my head.” And you know what, he turned out to be right! Well, sort of…  At the time I was highly offended by what he suggested. I mean, who tells a desperate and sickly young woman that she was causing her own issues? I could barely hold my head up at work to get through each day. All his comment did was to confirm that I was getting nowhere fast on my path to wellness. And I needed to start looking elsewhere for my answers. Beyond the Western Medicine - which I am so very thankful we have access to. But for my issues, I needed to really listen to the messages my body was trying to send me. 

So I embarked on my search to wellness by scrolling through stories online about people who were in the same boat as me. People once healthy but now feeling so very sick. What did they do to find their healing? Well, what I found was there were many out there. Some lost in online chat rooms. Their desperate cries falling on silent computer keys. And then there were those who had posted about the solutions they found. These posts were like finding gold in the backyard – beyond valuable and so shiny and new. I wanted to be like one of those people one day, posting on what made me healthy again. 

So I did more research and looked into some of the suggestions these “success stories” talked about. I also picked up Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” book. Can you believe I read that book like 5 times!!?? It just really spoke to me. As I searched on, I began to find the support I had been looking for.  I also noticed a major change – my body began to slowly heal! Once again, food was nourishing my body and my complexion began to brighten. It was an absolute miracle! Cont'd at Right...


Overall, during this challenging phase of my life, I discovered I was getting to know myself on a much deeper level. And I was learning things about myself that I didn’t even know existed. Like that I am intuitive. And I am an empath. Put those two together and you get an “intuitive-empath,” or someone who can feel the energy of their surroundings from people, from nature and from the world at-large. A gift that I had my entire life but never understood it. Until now. Before it was looked at as something to be ashamed of. I was always “sick” as a kid or “not feeling well.” And these episodes would strike out of the blue. My health and happiness could run from zero to “sick-sty” in a matter of moments. And what I discovered was it really wasn’t my fault. Simply, I was sensitive to people, to energy, to food, to my environment - you name it! The impressions people or the environment gave off were easily absorbed by my energy field. So I was left feeling angry, sad, mad, excitable, (insert any and every possible feeling here), depending on the emotions and behavior given off by my surroundings. How cool is that? Thank goodness I understood more about what was happening to me my whole life. But what to do with a gift like that? 

Well, since college I had always wanted to help people. Originally, I thought in the healthcare field. I saw myself attending nursing school but ended up in the nonprofit industry working for a few companies with wonderful missions. It was fulfilling but I still wanted to be out in the field doing more. Working directly with people to help them. Thinking about the gifts I have been blessed with, I began to gravitate toward the energy healing field. And eventually found a great therapeutic touch program called Healing Touch - the rest is history! I am now well on my way to becoming a certified practitioner of this program. Someone who can work on removing blocked or stagnant energy in other people’s fields so that their body’s health templates can shine brightly again. 

Not only do I get to do this wonderful work, I can feel and see it too because of the gifts I have.  I see and feel emotions or events that get stuck in other people’s fields. Especially, if they were particularly impactful. This is important because these episodes can be just one of many elements that eventually cause illness or disfunction, further impacting the physical body if not cleared or treated. Many people know what I see and feel when I share it with them. And when I am able to feel it clear, it’s such a blessing. God really had another plan for my life – isn’t that always the case?!

My gifts keep developing as I grow in this field. I am so in love with what I am doing and hope to be able to work with many people from all walks of health. Some even on the same search I once was. Maybe even told by their doctors that it just might “all be in their heads.” What I have discovered is that it was all in my energy field. And now I am on a mission to make others aware of that same possibility. So that they too can experience more relief and possibly, just possibly, witness a deeper healing. Thanks for reading my story. In Love and Light.

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